New Year Skin Resolutions 2019

| January 1, 2019

Make this the year that you get perfect skin! Start 2019 prepared with a plan.

Treating the signs of skin ageing is ideally not performed in one mighty-go. Rather, it is beneficial to create a foundation of healthy skin structures to build upon: two important articles to note are:

Package Treatment Plans offer these great advantages:

    • Satisfaction with Results: Ongoing treatments allow for multiple, less invasive, procedures that are specific rather than general. The long-lasting and refined outcomes are worth it.
    • Zero Social Downtime: No need to give up your social calendar or get behind on work requirements. Less invasive procedures mean normal activities can be resumed immediately.
  • Professional Monitoring: Scheduled check-in’s with dermal professionals allows treatments to be fine-tuned and modified to achieve goals and address any changes that occur throughout the process.

Attain your best skin, ever!

Aesthetic options can be utilized to deal with every facet of uncovering, sustaining, and creating beautiful skin. Transform Skin Care Resolutions from a wish to a reality, here’s how:

Achieve Optimal Moisture: Skin Hydration

  • Active Homecare: Invest in the best. Honestly, the active ingredients, quality of formulations and science behind your skin products absolutely matters. Pairing first-class Homecare to supplement treatments facilitates recovery and enhances results. Not sure where to start? Talk to our dermatological experts and benefit from technology with a Visia™ Skin Analysis
  • IV Skin Brightening: Supplement your skin from the inside-out with nutritional building blocks required for optimal functioning. Glutathione [Link to Latest News] is a powerful skin ally, paired with other dermal nutrients it can enhance glow, smooth, and tone. For more on IV Skin Brightening, simply click here.

Special on Skin Brightening IV Drips 15% OFF THE PACKAGE PRICE (Was R10585 Now R8900that is a 26% discount on individual treatments for a package of 8 treatments.

Erase Lines, Furrows, Folds, & Wrinkles

Take pleasure in restored skin smoothness. A wide range of injectables has been created to target existing wrinkles while actively preventing the formation of new ones!

Renew and Revitalize: Skin Rejuvenation

  • PRP Therapy: Boost collagen production, support internal skin structures, and improve cellular function. PRP can be used on its own or as a supporting treatment in conjunction with others. Read about all it can do and what you should know here and how to further enhance its notable skin rejuvenation affects here.
  • Skin Boosters: These are similar to dermal fillers but differ in that they offer a much smaller molecule size & are used to target larger areas to offer moisture for hydrating Skin Rejuvenation. For more on Skin Health & mitigating premature skin ageing, simply click here

Special on Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy 15% OFF (Was R6060 Now R5150)

Better All-Over; Loving Attention to Body

Skin concerns can vary throughout the different regions of the face and body, hence it is important to select the appropriate treatment to achieve results.

  • VelaShape: Contour to your shape’s content. VelaShape can sculpt while removing and reducing unwanted cellulite. All without surgical intervention. Read more here.
  • IR Skin Lifting: Attend to skin looseness with Infrared Skin Tightening. The technology within the Vela III can also be employed for on delicate skin such as the neck, upper arms, and other places that could benefit from a subtle lifting as well as overall firming and tightening. To learn more about IR Skin Lifting being targeted for Neck Lifting Results, simply click here.
  • Non-Ablative Fractional Laser: The Laser technology can be adjusted to treat different skin concerns without incurring downtime. Notably: Skin Rejuvenation, Scarring, Stretchmarks, Hyper-pigmentation, Vascular lesions, Vein Removal, Tattoo Removal, Permanent Hair Removal & Acne. To learn more about laser treatment options, click here.

Special on IR Skin Lifting: Deep IR Skin Tightening for Neck (Package of 6 for R6000, Normal Price R7200 – 17% discount)

Special on All Non-Ablative Fractional Laser 10% off!


Visit our Sandton Clinic to consult with our medical skin professionals who can assist and give guidance on the most effective approach to achieving your target skin goals.

With amazing skin, you can face the world feeling beautiful all year long!

Take advantage of SAI’s great Specials to start your year with a renewed commitment to reaching your Aesthetic goals. Our New Year’s Specials are here.



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