New Skin Care Products Online

| February 28, 2017

The evolving shopping experience

In an effort to continually improve our treatment options the doctors at SAI attend local & international conferences, and maintain close ties with global powerhouse brands for latest techniques.

The same, however, is true for the product offering in the online store, especially within the homecare & post treatment recovery creams.

At SAI it is of massive importance that our clients have access to the best products to not only maintain but also improve their aesthetic results at home. The shop is for client convenience as one can complete a Skin Assessment online, shop in the comfort of their home & receive free delivery.

Please explore our online store for the safest & most effective homecare products to suit your skin needs, they are in addition to the popular SAI Range of Homecare Products and the existing range of Dermaceutic, Crystal Tomato, Neo Strata & Pro Active Collagen.

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