NeoStrata Pro System Retinol Peel

| April 26, 2017

Retinol is your skin’s number 1 ally

If we could suggest any skin ally that we know would benefit each & every client at SAI, we would choose Retinol.

Retinol is the technical name given to Vitamin A and it does come in various strengths & at varying purity & concentrations – these variations will influence how Retinol affects your skin & what results one can expect.

Retinol must be used within very specific guidelines as excessive use can cause negative reactions to the skin but this does not mean one should shy away it – rather that clients should work with very specific products & clinics to ensure the desired results.

At SAI we are renowned for only using researched & approved products to ensure client safety & satisfaction, and as such we are delighted to introduce the NeoStrata Pro System Retinol Peel to our range of chemical peels.

What is the Pro System Retinol Peel?

The results are a radical reduction in visible age, improved skin firmness & a glowing complexion.

The NeoStrata Pro System Retinol Peel is a chemical peel that contains 3% Retinol & also a Retinol Boosting Complex. The benefits of undergoing this specific chemical peel is a marked improvement in skin exfoliation for an immediate reduction in visibility of fine lines & wrinkles.

Retinol is also a fantastic treatment option for those suffering with acne. At SAI we are absolutely confident that the NeoStrata Pro System Retinol Peel will clear acne within 2 to 3 treatments, while still benefiting clients with the above results.

It must be noted that this is the first inclusion of Retinol into any of Neo Strata’s Pro System Peels, as they wanted to be absolutely positive of the results. The blend of proven ingredients needed to be tested & stability ensured with 3% Retinol. The final list of ingredients includes:

  • NeoCitriate – For collagen induction & to treat ageing with skin smoothing effects
  • Aminofil – a designed ingredient to build collagen & hyaluronic acid to ease visible lines & wrinkles
  • Bisabolol – to help calm the skin post treatment
  • Vitamin E – for protection against free radicals

The Retinol Peel procedure explained

The NeoStrata Pro System Retinol Peel is applied at SAI & then washed off at home 8 hours later.

The peel will not add colour to your skin so should you wish to head out to the shops or similar nobody will notice. As the hours tick by clients will begin to see some skin flaking but this is just an indication that the active ingredients are working.

Once removed clients can expect to experience some mild skin peeling for 3 to 4 days, during which time we at SAI recommend gentle daily cleansing & mild moisturising to aid the new fresh skin appearing on the surface. The NeoStrata Restore products are a fantastic ally in this regard.

It is recommended that a series of 3 treatments separated monthly will give the best & most pronounced results. This could be the exact treatment to match your anti-ageing goals, and the winter timing in the Highveld is just perfect!

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Did you know we are offering an introduction NeoStrata Pro System Retinol Peel special this May 2017?

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