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| February 8, 2019

Feed Your Curiosity

The pace of change in the Aesthetic Industry is astounding. New technologies, techniques, and formulations are continually being clinically tested and released. SAI believes in the value of change, so we have re-designed our website to include everything to be of assistance to you. Explore it with ease. Find and book your own perfect-fit treatment.

*February Special! Book this month and take advantage of our full spectrum special that covers every treatment and product on our site! This allows you to schedule exactly what you need and save too!

Portal of Possibilities

No need to feel overwhelmed by how much there is to discover. On the SAI site, we’ve made it easy to navigate to your already favourites or potential soon-to-be favourite Aesthetic Treatments. Here is how we organize treatments options:

A complete listing of all anti-ageing goodness here! Ten specific treatment pages each contain the full scope of what you need to know regarding each individual treatment. From what treatments entail, to how they work, recovery time, and which areas can be targeted with each one.

Rise in love with your body. From targeting stretch marks or having veins removed to sculpting your shape. If it is a body therapy and happens below the neck it will be covered here.

From our line of SAI cosmeceuticals to a full range of leading global brands; you can select refined & purpose-specific homecare here.

Do you know exactly what ails you? Click on a specific problem area to uncover all the available treatments that can target and assist in eliminating any niggling aesthetic concernes.

Get to know Dr Alastair Clark and SAI’s holistic approach to health, anti-ageing & beauty. The right medical team for you should be respectful, experienced, ready to listen and able to respond with care to your questions and concerns.

More than you Know!

Our webpages are packed with straight-talking information. At the bottom of each page you’ll find these tabs:

  • A.Q. >>> Find commonly asked questions and answers here. Have a question that’s not listed? Contact our professional team and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.
  • Before & After Photos >>> Photographs help conceptualize the realistic results that treatments can provide. Get an up-close look at pre- and post- treatment photo’s.
  • Recommended Homecare Products >>> See what the Doctor recommends. Products with active ingredients to complement a treatment are collated here. Whether you’ve recently undergone a treatment, have one booked, or are wanting to ensure best results – quick links to professional products that target, treat, and facilitate recovery are conveniently located on each treatment page.
  • Related Articles >>> A goldmine of Aesthetic News and information. From trends to maximizing treatment effects and staying whole body healthy. Find easy-to-read informative articles that cover the scope of Aesthetic Medicine and be inspired to live better and look your best!

Not sure where to start?

Four examples to help get you started.

  1. Have questions about Dermal Fillers? Navigate: Face and Skin Rejuvenation > Dermal Fillers. If our treatment page doesn’t have the answer navigate into the navy blue section > FAQs tab or enjoy some Related Articles that cover the in’s & out’s of all Aesthetic Injectables.
  2. Want even-toned, smooth glowing skin again but not sure how to go about it? Navigate: Problem Areas > Skin Problems > Pigmentation & Skin Blemishes. Hyperlinks are listed here for ease in navigating to all treatment options for targeting Pigmentation or blemish issues.
  3. Committed to sun protection 365? Navigate: Homecare Products > Sun Protection. Browse top products, compare, keep track of your favourites, read reviews, and select the most appropriate option for you. Pick up at your next appointment or enjoy the further convenience of delivery to your door.

*Enjoy free delivery for any orders of R500 or more!

  1. You are ready to begin your anti-aging journey but might not be sure of the first step? Begin building your knowledge base. Read up on how to promote health and beauty from SAI’s blog articles. From any treatment page navigate: > Related Articles. Easy to read and informative short articles on new treatments, resolving skincare woes, latest news, and more.

Your journey starts with a simple click. Visit the SAI Website.

Have fun exploring the exciting options available to you! Please remember that SAI professionals are always available to answer questions regarding everything from procedures to products. This February, book any treatment on SAI’s site and save with our one-month only price delay!


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