More and more younger women are taking advantage of Aesthetic and Cosmetic medicine

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Better techniques and public acceptance are providing younger women reason to start their anti-ageing regime  

With the publicity of both Botox and Fillers younger women are turning to anti-ageing treatments to prevent ageing, rather than trying to reverse it. Internationally the age of women undergoing cosmetic surgery has also lowered with the most significant rise occurring in women between the ages of 35 – 40 rising by 5%.


It is significant to note that young women are now opting to use aesthetic doctors to Botox their wrinkles and use dermal fillers to help replace reduced volume before turning at an earlier age to cosmetic surgery and the short scar facelift. Dr Clark has noticed the trend at his Sandton Aesthetics practice too. “Patients are concerned more and more with preventative medicine,” he says, “in the practice they want to reduce visible ageing before it becomes a problem.”

Working within a specialized referral network consisting of top plastic surgeons Dr Alastair Clark has more and more younger patients referred to him by plastic surgeons to undergo “liquid facelifts” before they are referred back to undergo short scar facelift procedures.

younger women are turning to anti-ageing treatments to prevent ageing, rather than trying to reverse it

The liquid facelift halts the ageing process and the surgery is only required once Dr Clark deems it necessary to reposition the facial fat pad. In most cases dermal fillers can mould the cheeks to add volume necessary to maintain a youthful shape to your face. Following this route allows patients to working with Dr Clark to decide when minor surgery is required before returning to SAI for continued anti ageing treatments.

This transition from aesthetics to cosmetics has been made easier by the public’s growing acceptance of anti-ageing methods and a growing knowledge base that prevention is better than cure. Aesthetic medicine has allowed more women and men to be comfortable discussing their ageing sensitivities and be more open to forming ongoing relationships with Aesthetic doctors to set about changing those insecurities.

If you are interested in learning about Anti-Ageing Preventative medicine then make an appointment to visit Dr Clark and he will discuss your specific needs and match them to your aesthetic wants. This route is always cheaper than reversal anti-ageing and requires far less upkeep.

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