Micro-Cannulas to reduce pain and bruising

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Micro-cannulas and reduced risk of bruising and swelling during Dermal Filler procedures – but not all Cannulas are created equal

It is every Aesthetic practitioner’s best interest to treat their patients with the least amount of risk. This is particularly true in the choice of Dermal Filler and ongoing technique training, but also in their decision to use either the needle or micro cannula to administer.

What is a micro-cannula?

The micro-cannula is a blunt tipped tube with the same diameter as a traditional needle for insertion into your tissue. It effectively replaces the needle and there are many draw cards to using a micro-cannula for your next Dermal Filler treatment.

When compared to traditional needles used for the administration of Dermal Fillers the blunt tipped micro-cannula offers far less bruising, swelling and pain. Why? Because the needle is sharp it causes trauma to the tissue as it enters the skin. This trauma causes pain and bleeding therefore leading to bruising. The micro-cannula however is far less likely to cause significant trauma due to the blunt tip.

Another advantage of the micro-cannula over the traditional needle is that of length.  With additional length from the micro-cannula Dr Clark can now treat more areas of the face with less entry points.

Traditional technique using the needle require multiple entry points and therefore more risk of pain and bruising but now the micro-cannula can almost treat the entire face with 2 or 3 entry points.

All in all the obvious advantages of using the micro-cannula are:

  • Minimized bruising
  • Less pain
  • No downtime
  • Fewer entry points

There are limitations to micro-cannula treatments and they will best be discussed with Dr Clark, sometimes the needle is still the preferred method. Also there is additional cost involved in using a micro-cannula – which leads to the quality issue.

Not all micro-cannulas are the same!

The micro-cannula was first introduced roughly 3 years ago, and with its success has brought competition. There are numerous micro-cannula brands on the market today with each one supporting a Dermal Filler brand.

What is important to remember is that a micro-cannula can only offer the benefits if it is a quality piece of equipment.

Of course the better micro-cannulas are more expensive but what do they offer you:

  • Single piece blunt tip – cheaper cannulas have a blunt tip welded to the tube – this weld, although minute will do as much damage as a traditional needle
  • Polished glass finish – no micro-cannula should ever be touched by hand. Top micro-cannulas are polished to allow smooth entry to reduce trauma to the tissue causing bleeding and bruising.
  • Continuous orifice – the “hole” to allow the injection of product needs to be cut in such a way to round the edges – poor quality micro-cannulas have non-continuous orifices which can cat and cause trauma as they dissect the tissue, causing bruising and swelling.

Dr Clark uses Pix’l micro-cannulas to ensure you get all the benefits from his technique, product and skill as well as the micro-cannula. Achieving your desired result and keeping you pain free is Dr Clark’s top priority and that is why only the best will do.

If you are interested in having your next treatment with Dr Clark using a micro-cannula make an appointment now to discuss you specific case.

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