Mesotherapy as a preventative treatment

| December 3, 2019

Aesthetic Wisdom

A crystal ball is not required to know that we will experience ageing. Depleted biological resources, weakening skin structures, and slowing cellular function is a fact of being a human growing older. The desire to lessen, delay, and curb the affect that time has on our appearance is ancient. The modern medicine used to make it possible is anything but. Modern-day scientific aesthetic treatments are diverse and sophisticated.

While Aesthetic Medicine is often implemented as corrective and restorative it is most powerful when it is used strategically as part of a thought-out game plan. Just as ageing doesn’t happen overnight (despite it often seeming so) preventing and treating ageing successfully involves time and attention.

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Worthwhile Prevention

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment targeting dermal tissue layers from the innermost to the outermost. It works to enhance cellular functioning in order to improve the quality and appearance of what we see on the skin surface.

Mesotherapy is regularly employed as a treatment for Cellulite  as well as damage to the dermis. Mesotherapy is effective against cumulative dermal damage, environmentally stressed skin, and run-of-the-mill standard ageing. The mechanics of how Mesotherapy works – make it ideally suited not only for continued or repeated use but for implementation as a preventative treatment.

Potential Benefits of Mesotherapy

Ongoing positive effects following Mesotherapy treatment may include:

  • Improved vascularization I.e. blood vessels are created which leads to better circulation; and blood flow is absolutely vital to healthy skin. Quality circulation allows the body to deal with damage I.e. scars, photo-damage, debris, and maintain health which contributes to a consistently glowing complexion.
  • Increased cellular metabolism. A healthy consistent cellular metabolism is a good foundation for new cell growth, cell repair, and cell function. Well-functioning cells can repair more quickly, respond to changes and threats effectively, and produce the building blocks necessary for strong, firm, well-textured skin.
  • Enhanced nutrient delivery. Regularly nurturing the body’s biological processes is a worthwhile investment. Just as one can not maintain energy without food; the internal processes that govern cellular functioning are aided with the delivery of nutrients and the provision of vitamins crucial to skin health and physiological function.

 Mesotherapy can deliver nutrients to different skin layers; it can also provide antioxidants to fight against free radical damage thus halting or slowing various types of environmentally linked ageing.

Mesotherapy ought to be customised in accordance with exactly what an individual needs to treat current indications and prevent future skin conditions from occurring.

When is the best time to get Mesotherapy?

Bi-annual Mesotherapy preventative treatments are capable of rewarding anti-ageing long-term goals. Dr Clark at SAI advises Gauteng residents that yearly treatment times should include:

  • 1x before the summer holidays in December
  • 1x before the dry Highveld winter begins.

Where can Mesotherapy be used

The individually tailored nature of Mesotherapy allows for a wide scope of treatment areas. While most of Mesotherapy is done via micro-injections it is also possible to benefit from trans-dermal application of the therapy.

Face: Mesotherapy is most commonly used on regions of the face to treat and address aesthetic concerns in this focal area. Learn more here.

Body: Mesotherapy is popular on the thighs and hands. Learn more here.

Great Results now and in the Future

Thus far we have focused on the positive long-term affects available following Mesotherapy. However, one should not lose sight of the fact that the treatment also provides immediate benefits:

  • The activation of The Healing Cascade
  • Stimulated Collagen & Elastin production for strong internal skin structures
  • Skin Rejuvenation Benefits i.e. intense rehydration, increased cellular turnover, stimulated extracellular matrix.

Which leads to:

  • Diminished fines lines and wrinkles
  • Tightened firmer skin
  • Evening in tone
  • Natural-looking results
  • Lessened appearance of scars

Now is the best time to tackle visible ageing

Dr Clark and his team of trained Skin Specialists at SAI are adept at working with Mesotherapy. Schedule a consultation or book an appointment to learn more and experience first-hand what Mesotherapy offers both now and for your future anti-ageing goals.

 Forgo Waiting and act today

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