Mesotherapy: An overlooked art form?

| Aug 4, 2016

From cellulite to skin rejuvenation

mesotherapyMesotherapy is often overlooked as a lesser aesthetic procedure, but only to those without inside knowledge. This month at SAI we have decided to spill the beans on this treatment protocol, how science is evolving using mesotherapy techniques and of course the areas best suited for this style of treatment best practice.

Lets start by asking: why do aesthetic doctors & patients alike often undervalue mesotherapy? A possible reason is that other treatments have been created using millions of R&D budgets and this elevates their status in the global treatment positioning, or perhaps that it is simply due to the fact that it is a little misunderstood?

Lets put pay to that theory.

What is Mesotherapy?

meso200In its simplest explanation, mesotherapy is a technique of injecting specific vitamins using multiple microinjections into the mesoderm layer of the skin.

Essentially, the simple act of injection will stimulate the healing cascade and your skin will flood the area with collagen & elastin to heal the micro wound, positively influencing your visible age in the process. But the benefits do not stop there. The Vitamin injections can take on many forms and numerous treatments have been specifically formulated to achieve very specific results.

Fat loss to facelifts

Mesotherapy is a proven results-driven technique that with different formulations of Vitamins serums has helped patients requiring treatment for or suffering from:

  • Hair Loss – flooding an area with collagen & elastin not only rejuvenates the skin during the healing cascade but utilising the bodies natural reaction when correctly partnered with hair growth serums have proven very successful for hair loss patients.
  • Cellulite – this treatment is technique specific for success, and as such requires a trained hand as is the case at SAI. Cellulite is a form of scar tissue so the focus is on breaking down scar tissue & mobilising healthy cells beneath to eradicate the visibility of cellulite.
  • Fat reduction – the mesotherapy injection technique mobilises fat cells and the agents in the serum help break down & remove the fat cells from the body. This allows for the doctors at SAI to help contour your perfect body shape, as such we only recommend this protocol for patients almost at their goal weight.
  • Facelift treatments – this is mesotherapy targeted at very specific muscles in the face & neck. The serum injected is designed to tighten muscle therefore creating facelift like results but without the “done” and tight appearance we often associate with facelift surgery.

The SAI most common application

Mesotherapy3CoverAt SAI we offer our patients comprehensive treatments and that means we cover all the Mesotherapy bases. We also however boast an array of treatments & machines that further enhance body treatments & hair loss treatments, so they do sometimes get overshadowed by more appropriate options. That being said, we at SAI are specifically interested in facial skin rejuvenation & it is without doubt the area we see most significant results for our patients when using mesotherapy techniques.
The are a multitude of serums available to treat individual skin for individual problems but ultimately a rejuvenated skin is one that is hydrated, plump & boasts collagen, hyaluronic acid & elastin. The mesotherapy technique on the face will radically reduce wrinkles and can even improve sensitive skin areas including the temple area & bags under the eyes, all the while maintaining a natural appearance.

The key here is to select the correct vitamin serum to inject during the treatment to match your skin condition & assist in the results you wish to achieve. All this will be discussed however with either Dr Clark or Dr Marks during the consultation process.

Mesotherapy has very little risk, and all patients are allergy tested before undergoing treatment for added safety. Similarly the procedure is painless thanks to advanced topical anaesthetic creams & there is little to zero social downtime. Mesotherapy at SAI really is the easiest way to kick-start your skin rejuvenation.

To book you mesotherapy treatments now with either Dr Clark or Dr Marks call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047 and take advantage of the benefits mesotherapy offers you, especially at this time of the year.



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