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| Aug 4, 2016

Taking the winter effect out of your visible age therapy

mesoglowWinter, we all hate, it but your skin despises it most! Dry air & wind dehydrate your skin ultimately reducing moisture levels, permanently damaging collagen & elastin stores in the skin and hastening your visible skin age.

Even with progressive homecare regimes & double daily moisturising doses your skin will still lose moisture at an alarming rate through the winter months; moisture that needs to be replaced to avoid more permanent skin damage. Ok, enough of the doom & gloom. Lets discuss an easy & cost effective way to combat winter skin with deep hydration: lets talk MesoGlow facials.

Through the cumulative effect of ageing you lose collagen stores & hyaluronic acid deposits & of course elastin too. Dehydration hastens the ageing effect and winter further compounds the problem. This ultimately leads to not only an aged skin but a dull & lifeless complexion too. Our solution is to reintroduce that glow using a combination of treatments called MesoGlow. This is the first step treatment in protocol that will absolutely recreate youthful skin.


As a combination treatment ‘Meso’ comes from the technique mesotherapy along with the introduction of very specific vitamins & anti-oxidants to return that shine or ‘Glow’ to your skin, giving you a radiant & youthful appearance.

The key to this treatment is that we need to not only capitalise on the healing cascade caused by the multiple injection sites but also offer deep hydration to immediately restore the skin to its pre-winter state.

Mesotherapy stimulates the skin to produce collagen & elastin subsequently thickening the skin, making it more supple & giving it its youthful life back. You can read more on mesotherapy techniques in our Latest Articles section in this newsletter. The ‘Glow” comes from the actives & vitamins we inject. As each patient is different we tweak each vitamin formula to work more accurately for your skin – the goal, however remains the same: Deep Hydration to kick start the rejuvenation process.

Best results

For best skin glow & rejuvenation results you will require between 2 & 4 treatments, separated weekly. Following that a touch up treatment twice a year should suffice. The joy here is that there is very little risk & almost zero social downtime, especially in the hands of Dr Clark & Dr Marks at SAI. It is also important to understand that MesoGlow will not target a specific area for rejuvenation; the protocol offers complete facial rejuvenation. Many of our SAI patients choose to only undergo MesoGlow treatments and they report incredibly natural results that minimise your visible age in the subtlest way. Of course it is always advisable to let Dr Clark or Dr Marks use additional treatments to target those specific areas giving you grief.

If you are tired of winter skin and wish for a quick & affordable treatment to get your youthful glow back, the look no further than MesoGlow. It is tried & trusted, and from the first treatment your skin will glow.

To make an appointment to see either Dr Clark or Dr Marks call SAI Sandton: 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof: 012 460 7047.



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