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| February 1, 2013

The safe and proven way to longer lashes


MD Lash Factor now available at SAI

Long eyelashes have long been a symbol of beauty and women have gone to many lengths to well… lengthen them.

At SAI we have always been looking for a product to assist this need, but to do so safely with predictable results.

We have posted about MD Lash before, but we decided, with all the other options available, just why we chose to stock and supply MD Lash at SAI.

View some treatment results below.

No Illusions

The first point of qualification for Dr Clark and his SAI team was that results should not mimic longer lashes, as would mascara or false eyelashes but rather restore your eyelashes to their youthful appearance, or better.

Dr Clark is aware that thinning eyelashes can be caused by nutritional imbalances, medical treatments or even detergents and that reversing these signs need active products to re-establish a healthy, long eyelash.  Tick!

Studies confirmed that patients who used MD Lash Factor for one-month saw over 50% improvement in the appearance of their natural eyelash length

Available for everyone

The second criteria is that the SAI lash product needed to be available for everyone. Glasses, contact lenses, hypoallergenic and sensitive skins all need to have access to this product. There is no point in a product that can benefit only the few. Tick!

Easy routine

Being simple to use and easy to integrate into anyone’s daily routine is also of paramount importance. Now there is no barrier to poor results. Many other products make the routine difficult to follow and therefore success rates are low. MD Lash is once a day application before bed and voila. Easy? Tick!

Safety record

Finally, how good is a product if to use it brings excessive risk. Many studies have been done on eyelash products and products have recently been recalled by some manufacturers. That is why SAI will only stock clinically trialled and approved eyelash products, and MD Lash Factor fits the bill.

Clinical data proves that MD Lash Factor is not only safe but that it works too.

A study on 34 volunteers divided into 3 groups was randomly assigned to use 3 different concentrations of the key ingredient in MD Lash Factor. There was also a placebo group.

The results showed that all treatment groups demonstrated significant increase in eyelash length after 4 weeks of daily use. Most importantly however, there were no complications. Some patients did report short-term irritation but these incidents were not sufficient to hinder the results being pronounced as a successful trial.

MD Lash Factor is available at SAI in both 3-month and 6-month supply. Don’t be bashful about your lashes any longer!

For more information call the rooms on: 011 883 3116


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