Maintain your holiday Complexion

| Nov 2, 2015

Holiday Advice for your Skin

How do you protect your skin, complexion and even your tan throughout the holidays?

SummerThis is not a What’s New by way of new treatments of focused techniques, but it features here as it is a topic regularly brought up by patients visiting SAI.

We certainly don’t want you to waste a year of treatments by forgetting the basics of skincare, but we thought we’d go a step further and offer our best advice such that you can return from holiday relaxed with the glowing complexion with which you left.

The basics

You all know the basics by now – moisturise moisturise moisturise followed by sunblock sunblock sunblock. We cannot overemphasise the importance of maintaining skin hydration and protecting the skin from sun damage. They are the two biggest causes of skin ageing and dull complexions.

We would recommend a treatment of Restylane Skin boosters before your holidays to add intense hydration within the skin, especially if you are heading to the beach, but please don’t forget your homecare regime. Speak to an SAI team member to find out about our convenient travel packs.

Diet and complexion

dieticsDid you know diet plays a massive role in your complexion? It’s easy during the holidays and festive season to eat poorly and indulge in excess – essentially flooding your body with harmful free radicals. We of course do not want to dampen your relaxation time, so here are our top tips to maintain your skin complexion, without taking the fun out of your holiday and then let the team at SAI help with touch-ups upon your return in January 2016.

  1. Fruits and vegetables help to rid the body of harmful toxins.
    Ensure you have proper intake of fruits and vegetables.

    1. You want to focus on healthy food sources that contain Vitamin A (Kale, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Spinach etc.) as this will help prevent flaky or dry skin. Perfect to combat a little sun exposure.
    2. Get enough Vitamin C. Citrus is the obvious choice, but kiwis, peppers & strawberries also contain high quantities of Vitamin C that encourages collagen production. A welcome ally against dehydration.
    3. Pay attention to Vitamin E intake, which helps rehydrate the skin while reducing inflammation. You’ll find daily allowances of Vitamin E within sunflower seeds, avocado and almonds).
  1. Omega 3 is your friend on holiday
    Omega 3 is essential to maintain smooth and even skin tone. Opt for oily fish like sardines, mackerel and salmon should they be available. If not you can still get your daily allowance from avocado, olive oil, walnuts and flax seeds.Omega 3’s reduce inflammation that may be caused both dietary and lifestyle choices, while sealing moisture within the skin.
  2. Get stuck into the juicy fruits on holiday.
    Cucumber and watermelon are not only great refreshers in the summer holidays but being 80% water they add to water into your daily intake. Of course they also deliver healthy nutrients to the body so it is well worth your time keeping juicy fruits close at hand.
  3. Avoid holiday illness
    When many people relax they get sick, this is an unfortunate reality when talking holiday breaks. Start a course of probiotics prior to going on holiday and maintain the intake throughout. If you would rather go the yoghurt route that is fine also – all you want here is to boost the digestive system to help eliminate harmful toxins. This applies to your immune system as much as to your skin.
  4. Supplements
    Lastly if you are not already using Crystal Tomato it would be wise to use this daily supplement throughout the holiday period. The impact of the colourless carotenoid will reduce your skin sensitivity to the sun but more importantly inhibit melanin production whereby enhancing your silky complexion to perfection.

Book your Holiday Treatment

For those last minute treatments to have you looking your best in the holidays or for the end of year party season call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047. We will share our knowledge with you to achieve your best aesthetic result but also how to sustain it when we are not around.

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