Love your face! A holistic view of Aesthetic Medicine

| August 1, 2022

Cold weather is for layers and delightfully textured snugly clothing choices. It’s the season for easy camouflage. In between cozy hats, scarves, tights, and more we can choose to cover up and often do. However, there is one area which presents a major exception to the winter rule of bundling. Our complexion stays bare and faces the world!

Clearly Beautiful

Since our face is the clear focal point for our overall aesthetics it is important that we know how to care for it appropriately. Many adverse elements can combine from without and within to accelerate ageing. Dr Clark and his SAI team are equipped and experienced to treat and prevent the signs of ageing. SAI promotes a holistic approach to full body aesthetics and this is no different when it comes to addressing the delicate skin on the face.

Holistic Facial Aesthetic

A well-rounded comprehensive facial aesthetic can be achieved through this beauty strategy mantra:

“Work towards reducing fine lines and wrinkles, restore fullness and ensure optimal hydration, rejuvenate the eye region, and bring overall facial symmetry to the forefront.”

Let’s discuss choice treatments that target each of the four golden goals established above.

Golden Goals for a Beautiful Complexion

  1. Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles – The modern skin clinic Client has multiple options when it comes to safe and effective methods for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. For wrinkle-free skin; a slow approach is ideal. This way, Dr Clark will stimulate internal skin structures, refresh surface skin, and employ techniques to keep future wrinkles at bay. Begin with gentle Chemical Peels and Skin Boosters. Continue with well-chosen Fillers. Finish with Botox to correct any continued problem areas and to actively work to prevent more wrinkles.
  2. Plump and hydrate – Restoring volume smooths and lifts sagging areas and hydration gives glow. Utilizing Skin Boosters alongside IV Skin Brightening is a sure way to deliver deep hydration. Optimizing hydration within cells plumps them and gives them the resources needed to work more efficiently. This then further reduces the appearance of fine lines. In some instances, Skin Rejuvenation may be called for in order to sustain a healthy cellular matrix.

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  1. Rejuvenate the eyes – Fragile skin in the eye region deserves special treatment , especially the skin directly below the eyes where dark circles can develop. Often bone structure, skin tone, and natural ageing contributes to or magnifies unwanted facial expressions (i.e. tired, stressed, worn, etc). Techniques exercised here require knowledge and skill. Dr Clark is an expert in this area and can be trusted to work with great care. The precise placement of appropriate Injectables can work wonders in creating a refreshed and rejuvenated area around the eyes.
  2. Facial Symmetry – A well-recognized factor in how beauty is perceived is linked with simple symmetry, making it our final goal. Through today’s technology marvels, one can create and improve symmetry without the need for any expensive or risky surgical procedures. Instead, choose between the non-surgical options that can be conducted safely and effectively. The establishment of symmetry may include the use of high volume fillers, non-surgical rhinoplasty, tightening of the jawline and neck with laser or Velashape III, returning cheeks to harmonious contours, and fine tuning a youthful presentation and shape of the lips.

Active Engagement Beauty

Holistic non-surgical beauty methods seek to create congruency between all aesthetic elements without incurring undue risk, significant physical trauma and inconvenient downtime.

In a perfect arrangement it is a process that is undertaken with the long-game in mind, a beautiful youthful aesthetic for one’s entire life!

When this is in mind, the scheduling of treatments over months makes strategical sense. However, life being life; Dr Clark is able to recognize that this at times will not be practical. Therefore, it is possible to do a protocol of heightened intensity, but these of course carry increased social downtime and risk.

The choice to invest in your aesthetic future by becoming a regular SAI Client affords beauty advantages. These include the enjoyment of ongoing results, the activation of pre-juvenation principles, and the establishment of a healthy skin matrix. Commitment allows for excellent outcomes that maintain themselves and require only occasional fine touches. Get started today!

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