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| April 28, 2016


A non-surgical dream come true

Prayers answered? Well, perhaps your non-surgical body treatment prayers! We at SAI are excited to promote the double FDA cleared VelaShape III for both Reduction of Cellulite & Reduction of Thigh & Abdominal circumference. Although this reads easily, we thought it best to discuss what these approvals mean & also talk directly to the women most commonly requesting VelaShape III enhancements. Perhaps you are one of them?

What does FDA Clearance mean?

Being cleared by the FDA essentially means that the United States Food & Drug Administration has run sufficient tests & clinical trials, and that they are prepared to promote the results to the American public. FDA approval has long stood as the defining approval rating for quality & efficiency in medicine, and specifically aesthetic medicine.

Having FDA approval for both cellulite reduction & circumference means that VelaShape III could be considered the leading non-surgical treatment for both of these indications.

What do we know about body shaping & cellulite reduction?

lovehandlesWe know that an estimated 85% of new moms are concerned with their post baby bodies. This includes a flabby stomach, visible cellulite & stretch marks. Up to 75% of women asked were unsatisfied with their bodies, and they went so far as to suggest that this self-consciousness was affecting their self-confidence. Add this to a further 88% of women revealing that cost, pain & downtime are the barriers to undergoing invasive surgery to correct cellulite or body shaping procedures, we begin to see the dire need for a treatment such as VelaShape III.

This is where VelaShape III works best. VelaShape is as discussed FDA approved, but it offers zero downtime & superb results for both circumference reduction & cellulite. This essentially means we have a treatment protocol that can have you looking your best, improving self-confidence & minimizing cellulite & shaping the body you want at a fraction of the cost of surgery, with zero downtime & no pain. Joy!

The key focus areas

Losing centimetres

Circumference reduction is FDA approved for the thigh & abdomen, but we at SAI have seen superb results in the upper arms, the face and neck also. If you want to create the body shape of your dreams, then book an appointment to see what we can do help you shape up without surgery. The more common areas we treat include:

  • Love-handles
  • Tummy fat (the spare tire)
  • Muffin tops
  • Bra fat
  • Thighs – redefining their shape

Cellulite Reduction

1There is not a woman on the planet who enjoys the sight of her cellulite. VelaShape III will greatly improve the visibility of all three visible forms of cellulite.

  • Grade 1 – when your cellulite is only visible during a pinch test
  • Grade 2 – when your cellulite is only visible in a single medium i.e. lying down or standing up
  • Grade 3 – when your cellulite is visible irrespective of standing or lying down

The more common areas for treatment include:

  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

Book your consultation now to discuss how we can help you & your cellulite.

The arms, face & neck

lips294Creating a skin lift or slimming down the face, neck & arm areas often add subtlety to commonly over treated areas that can take years from your visible age. Using the VelaShape III approach we can now accurately treat specific & delicate areas to encourage lift, recreate a youthful facial symmetry or remove those bingo arms. (Don’t forget about that double chin, which is easily treated using VelaShape III)

Skin Tightening

One of the joys of VelaShape III is that a positive side-effect of the elōs technology & the triple treatment action is skin tightening. This means that when treating your post-baby belly for circumference reduction & cellulite we also create skin lift to help firm up & shape up your body. We have found at SAI that VelaShape is a superb skin lifting option for:

  • Tummy
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Face

This is the perfect non-invasive treatment following any weight loss.

The SAI modus

We choose VelaShape III because it offers our patients more… more of everything.

It is non-invasive with clinical data to support treatment claims; the FDA endorses this data. The safety features are superb, combining infrared & radiofrequency energy could create patient discomfort but the cooling technology allows for a pain free treatment protocol. The VelaShape III provides accurate tissue targeting even for deeper tissue & stubborn cellulite, but still the platform can treat delicate areas including the face & neck.

So for a fraction of the cost, zero downtime & a painless solution to body sculpting & cellulite reduction you can see why we at SAI are so excited by the ongoing advancements of the VelaShape III platform.

Book your appointment with either Dr Clark or Dr Marks at SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047 and see how we can treat your body shaping & cellulite requirements in fewer treatments and in less time.

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