Looking forward to Spring

| July 22, 2020

Winter Weary

Feeling winter weary? This winter has been unprecedented-ly long; never-ever have there been more reasons to look forward to a fresh start in spring. Budding growth, warmer weather, blooming flowers and less layers – sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

SAI knows it has been a harsh winter and not only in temperature. Daydream of spring and treat yourself to a SAI procedure in preparation. Up your feel-good factor and say adieu to winter blues.

These three treatments will target the signs of stress, boost your skin glow and your mood. A beautiful complexion is always something to get excited about!

Top treatment picks to prepare the skin for spring.

Chosen for their dependably excellent results; these aesthetic treatments boost cellular turnover, provide essential nourishment and strengthen skin structures. Perfect for a revived, refreshed and radiant You!

  1. IV Skin Brightening

Sixty minutes of skin TLC & the afterglow’ benefits. Lay back, relax and soak in the luxury of pampering yourself and your skin.

This treatment delivers deep hydration with absolutely no downtime. It halts skin ageing (accelerated by dry winter air) while restoring dermal tissues to optimal hydration. Welcome back your radiance with brightened and supple skin. A single treatment will show results. *Celebrate!  This treatment is forms part of our August 2020 Specials!

  1. Injectables

It is worth noting, that at SAI, having Injectables performed by Dr Clark is distinguishable – as he is one of the experts who trains other Doctors as to Injection Techniques & Product-Use. His  Liquid Facelift results are notably skilled. For luxury results, request Dr Clark for your Dermal Fillers and Toxin injections…

Nothing quite like strategically well-placed Dermal Fillers or Toxin. These perennial favourites are always in fashion due to their convenience and effectiveness. They can be employed in combination or on their own.

The artistry of Injectables is in the subtle yet significant age-reversing results that they can provide. For a fresh uplifting treatment, these fit the description perfectly. They are quick to perform and provide an instant aesthetic anti-ageing pick-me-up.

Formulation and technique advancements allow for customized results. From creating contours, retaining fresh-faced youthfulness, or slight refinements utilizing precise micro-droplet treatments, Injectables used expertly can preserve and enhance your unique beauty.

Popular Target Areas Include:

  • Crow’s Feet – erase those pesky outer eye lines that are not in line with your ideal aesthetic.
  • Lip Lines – smooth around the edges so that your facial features remain the main attraction.
  1. Chemical Peels & Care

Dr Clark recommends a personally tailored regime of monthly Chemical Peels but if this doesn’t suit your budget or your needs, he suggests that Peels be prioritized at the change of season.

Ending winter with an individually formulated peel can work wonders for tired dull skin. Chemical Peels act as a form of professional assisted exfoliation. They remove layers of dead skin to allow new healthy dermal cells to the surface. An added benefit is that they stimulate the rate of cellular turnover resulting in vibrant healthy skin.

Care is the Cherry on Top!

Combine treatments with a professionally guided homecare routine. Complimenting cleansers & night creams enhance, maintain and prolong treatment effects. The curated selection allows SAI Clients access to proven cosmeceuticals. Start your homecare journey by browsing the SAI Online Store.

Home of Beauty

Enjoy state of the art beauty technologies, skilled aesthetic professionals, and a safe and comfortable setting in our Sandton clinic. Nurture yourself and your skin at SAI.

Take advantage of our Monthly Specials!

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