Looking Back on 2015

| November 29, 2015

The prominent treatments of the last year

Looking back on 2015 reveals some very significant insight into the world of aesthetic medicine and the patients within it. In 2014 we saw the introduction of multiple new treatment options including subcision, the growth of the Vampire Facial and more non-invasive skin lifting techniques and platforms.

We predicted in 2015 that we would see massive growth in non-surgical facelifts, non-invasive skin tightening and a more holistic approach to aesthetic medicine as a whole.

How well did we do?

Before delving into our predictions, let us reflect on the industry as a whole. Aesthetic medicine is one of the most advanced and advancing areas of medical expertise. Primarily because as a field of medicine we are treating healthy patients that elect to visit our clinics. So what has the industry as a whole served throughout 2015?

The faculty of aesthetic medicine has enjoyed a year of technique advancement, without distraction from a multitude of new treatment options. Apart from the meteoric rise of thread lifting in popularity, much of 2015 has seen focus on improved techniques in the fields of Botulinum toxin, dermal fillers and non-invasive fat reduction. This has made 2015 the year for safer & more effective treatment protocols benefiting the clients.

Silhouette Soft Thread Lifts

combotreatmentsWe expected steady growth with the introduction of this new technology for minimally invasive facelift procedure, but the world was not prepared for the explosion in popularity. The allure of a 30 minute facelift and a further ability of doctors to complement results using dermal fillers began a craze early in the year that has not subsided.

Individuals now have quick and affordable access to facelift like results without downtime or significant expense.

The latest technology Silhouette Thread Lifts offer Dr Clark & Dr Marks at SAI the ability to recreate form and shape to a sagging face using multi-directional threads, and this results in the most accurate non-invasive treatment available at SAI.

Holistic Aesthetics

The introduction of specific eating plans to compliment an anti-ageing routine is a particular advantage that saw many clients benefit at SAI. Combining nutritional health with desired aesthetic results has helped Dr Clark & Dr Marks at SAI treat not only the body & skin, but also the underlying problems of fat accumulation and Glycation.

The holistic approach to anti-ageing benefit the patient by recommending preventive measures while offering corrective measures to visibly turn back the hands of time.

Non-invasive body shaping & fat removal

orangeAesthetic medicine has moved from solely treating the face. We saw an influx of technology in 2014 toward this development but in 2015 we began to combine treatments for complete body reshaping without surgery.

VelaShape 3 and Coolsculpting allow the doctors at SAI the ability to reduce fat and firm up areas of concern with limitless possibilities. We predict this trend will continue and expand in 2015.

Expansion of SAI

Perhaps one of the most exciting in the local aesthetic medicine industry was the expansion of SAI to now include Sandton and Waterkloof offices. This merger created one of the most comprehensive treatment offerings available to patients in South Africa. It is our promise to continue this growth, always for the benefit of our clients.

With that we wish you all a safe festive season, shared in the company of loved ones and a prosperous 2016.

For any last minute treatments or aesthetic advice, please make an appointment to see your therapist or either Dr Clark or Dr Marks at SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047.

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