Long-Term Package Treatments

| April 30, 2020

Whether your desire is the prevention of visible-ageing or the re-establishment of a healthy dermal foundation; the investment in a series of Long-Term Package treatments is ideal.

Package Treatments’ benefits include:

  • Assistance or correction that builds upon itself
  • Cost-effective i.e. financial savings
  • Time saved;
  • Higher treatment frequency equals less skin degradation, therefore you avoid severe indications requiring intense treatments & associated downtime.
  • Ongoing results of accumulative treatments
  • Improved long-lasting results
  • Easy built-in maintenance for glowing healthy skin & excellent body sculpting outcomes
  • Pre-scheduled self-care in the diary

For a Doctor-recommended Daily Skincare Routine – simply click here!

Treatments that are best in multi-month packages

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of Long-Term Package Treatments available at SAI. Here are three focused treatments to inspire…

Superficial Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels use exfoliation to shed dead skin cells, uncover healthy new ones and stimulate a well-functioning intercellular matrix. In addition, they boost Collagen and Elastin production. Technologically advanced modern peels can be formulated specifically for each individuals’ unique skin type and condition. Superficial peels are powerful enough to provide aesthetic advantages but gentle enough to not incur downtime.

When performed regularly they smooth the complexion and enhance radiance. Monthly Superficial Chemical Peels should be incorporated into everyone’s anti-ageing regime. They utilize the principles of Prejuvenation  while diminishing any already visible signs of ageing such as fine lines, hyper-pigmentation and enlarged pores.

On its own, the Superficial Chemical Peel is easily performed, painless and a cost-effective procedure. Book a 12 month package plan at SAI and enjoy even greater savings and rewards. You can click here for our Specials Page  Link to Specials .

IV Skin Brightening

Could your skin profit from some TLC? IV Skin Brightening is a completely non-invasive non-surgical treatment that delivers deep hydration and essential vitamins to create beautiful skin from the inside-out.

Moisture and nutrients are vital to maintain correct cellular functioning and its ability to repair. Hydrated and nourished skin reflects a sense of vibrancy, health and attractiveness.

Medically-approved formulated supplements infused directly via IV support the complexion holistically. Active Ingredients nourish and combat environmental and other factors which would otherwise result in premature ageing. IV Skin Brightening treatments defensive approach places it as an ideal Prejuvenation treatment. IV Skin Brightening can be performed monthly. To learn more about a key active ingredient – Glutathione, simply click here.

Regular IV Drip sessions allows for restoration and renewal within to further enhance the positive effects. Pre-book as a 12 month package to be assured of financial savings and maximum physiological and aesthetic results! You can click here for our Specials Page  Link to Specials .

VelaShape III

You can achieve your dream shape without undergoing surgery! VelaShape III renders superb body-contouring outcomes as such it is renowned for non-surgical liposuction-like results.

Improve and enhance your silhouette without risk or downtime required. VelaShape III lifts, tightens and sculpts in only one hour of treatment time per month. Long-Term Packages are an especially cost-effective way to benefit from VelaShape III technology.

Counter-act a busy lifestyle or genetic predisposition and regain confidence. Common target treatment areas include the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Schedule your VelaShape III Sessions and view them as a ‘time-out’ to take care of you! Book a 12 month treatment plan to put self-care on the calender for the coming year.  You can click here for our Specials Page.

SAI – Your Beauty Getaway

Sandton Aesthetic Institute is committed to assisting individuals in creating aesthetic results that they love. Dr Clark and the team of expert professionals are capable of performing a wide range of non-invasive and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

In order to kick-start reclaiming 2020, SAI is offering Long-Term Treatment Packages that can be purchased with the Specials. Look your best and feel your best with an investment in you for the months to come.

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