LipoKontur Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

| July 29, 2013


LipoKontur is more than non-surgical liposuction

Dr Clark and his team at SAI have been researching for many years to offer patients a body sculpting option at the practice. Clinical data, cost to patients and results have always kept such a system out of the gold standard only practice. That is until Dr Clark discovered LipoKontur.

LipoKontur makes the grade over other body shaping devices because it offers intense focused heat energy (multipolar RF) with the acute mechanical power of radial acoustic-wave energy (RSWT) into a single medical device to achieve exceptional results.

If you are fighting diet and exercise resistant fat but do not want the recovery and pain associated with liposuction surgery, then perhaps LipoKontur at SAI is your option.


What can LipoKontur treat?

We don’t believe in hedging bets at SAI, so we only work with treatments that deliver what they promise. LipoKontur in the hands of Dr Clark and his SAI team offer safe, predictable and non-invasive body sculpting with added active benefits that treat:

  • Cellulite
  • Stretch Marks
  • Skin tightening
  • Circumferential reduction – body shaping
Upper leg treatment

Upper leg treatment

What is a LipoKontur treatment like?

There are three elements to the LipoKontur procedure: 1) Shock Therapy, 2) Hyperthermia, 3) Lymphatic drainage.

The Shock Therapy

first phase is a 15-minute phase to prepare the fat, but the action also stimulates blood circulation and lymph drainage. The shock therapy phase is designed to:

  • Increases the fat cells permeability
  • Weakens the fatty fibrous connections
  • Liquefies the fat

The Hyperthermia phase

is another 15-minute phase of Radio Frequency focused energy works. This phase offers:

  • Multiple frequencies
  • Waving frequencies
  • Changing polarities

Each frequency has a purpose to achieve full tissue coverage and begin the drainage phase via the lymphatic system. It is this phase that cellulite treatments prove to be so successful. Also it must be noted that the benefits form the alternating polarities induce new collagen production and improve skin tightening, which could be stand alone treatments.

Finally the last 10 minutes of the treatment stimulate

lymphatic drainage

This is an essential 10 minutes to stimulate the mechanism to rid your body of the fat the other phases have eradicated.

Face treatment

Face treatment

Liposuction like results with zero downtime

It is important to understand that should you require traditional liposuction Dr Clark would refer you to a qualified plastic surgeon for treatment. However, if you are a candidate for LipoKontur then the results you can expect include:

  • Healthier skin
  • Improved skin texture
  • Dimpled skin reduction
  • Long term fat reduction
  • Cellulite, dimpled skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Tightening of lax skin (i.e. post liposuction)
  • Wound healing, improvement of microcirculation and vascularization
Neck: Before & After

Neck: Before & After

Ideal treatment sites for LipoKontur include:

The body treatments offer superb results for Buttocks, Love Handles, Upper Legs, Abdomen and Upper Arms. The face and neck treatments improve the ageing skin, rejuvenate sagging skin and can treat eyelid, jowls and both deep and fine wrinkles, with the skin tightening and collagen stimulation from the hyperthermia treatment phase two.

Make your appointment now with Dr Clark at SAI for your LipoKontur treatment for your no scarring, zero downtime and non-surgical route to your ideal body. Call 011 883 3116 NOW.

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