Lesser-Known Laser Treatments

| March 2, 2022

Popular Laser Treatments include: Acne, Leg Veins, Hair Removal, and Wrinkle correction. However, there have now been new developments within laser technology and they have been tested within clinical studies…

New! Advanced Applications!

The powerful technologies housed inside the ALMA Harmony XL Pro machine has been FDA approved to treat 65 distinct medical conditions. SAI is proud to offer this new laser suite.

The Harmony XL Pro is the first of its kind fractional scanning Q-Switched laser. Innovation in treatment platform equals improved function and enhanced approach.

Advancements include:

  • Expanded depth control for extended treatment areas, skin types, and indications.
  • Maximized safety, including the use of specialized tips for darker skinned Clients.
  • Combination technologies for powerful therapies.
  • The Harmony XL PRO features over 20 distinct laser, light, and ultrasound technologies!

Four Additional Laser Treatments worth knowing:

Keloid – These lesions have previously been notoriously difficult to remove. The Harmony XL PRO treats keloids with fractional ablative skin resurfacing. Precise wavelengths are paired with specific applicators for significant results. Keloid tissue in deeper dermal layers is directly treated while simultaneously the surrounding tissues are also targeted. Hence the red and dark pigment of the keloid is lightened, the hardness of the keloid is addressed while new cell creation and tissue regeneration is boosted to result in skin rejuvenation.

Skin Tags – Skin tags occur for various and sometimes unknown reasons. They can cause stress when they appear in noticeable places or areas in which they cause irritation. The Harmony XL PRO can eliminate unwanted Skin Tags through denying them access to blood flow and oxygen. The initiation of The Healing Cascade with the stimulation of healthy cellular processes is concurrent and smooth Skin-Tag-free skin is the result.

Skin lesions – Harmony XL PRO excels with a comprehensive approach to skin lesions. It will treat vascular as well as pigmented lesions. Vascular lesions are the result of failing veins. Through IPL and exact wavelengths, these are addressed while healthy veins are left unblemished. In the instance of pigmented lesions; darker melanin cells are targeted and dispersed for eventual absorption and elimination. Unblemished, even-toned, lesion-free skin is naturally resulting.

Warts – These round and raised growths range in size and placement. The Harmony XL PRO offers a removal solution. Through the implementation of particular laser light, the haemoglobin supply to the wart is cut off. Heat in the treated areas also seals off nutrient and blood supply effectively killing the growths ability to maintain itself. In time, it dries up and simply falls off; achieving a beautiful smooth wart-free dermal surface.

65+ Treatments = Safe Solutions!

For brevity’s sake we have focused on four alternative uses for laser technology. However, the list is much longer. The gold standard Harmony XL PRO treats 65+ medical conditions and aesthetic indications safely. For a complete list of cleared and registered treatment options; visit the official website.

Choosing a Doctor

Qualified and experienced Aesthetic Medicine Doctors hold a natural advantage for Laser technology driven treatments. With a solid grounding in the art and science of Aesthetics they approach indications with a knowledge base of treatment outcomes and efficacy. Clients can benefit from their hygienic and comfortable suites and their grasp of technique and application. Laser treatments are highly ranked for safety, require little to absolutely zero downtime, and provide predicable and pleasing results.

For any information or to book additional treatments please call SAI on 011 883 3116 / 060 718 2718 or via our SAI Contact Us Page.

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