Leg Veins… what you need to know

| May 30, 2018

Leg Vein Removal FAQs

Being that Leg Vein Removal packages are being offered at a 10% discount this June at SAI, we decided to offer a spotlight article to help clients not only understand the treatment options & timelines, but also how to achieve the best results by making minor changes to their daily routines.

Leg veins do cause a number of individuals to become self-conscious. Unsightly as they might be – leg veins are nothing more than veins visible on the skins surface & in 90% of cases that is where they end. Should we feel that your leg veins may stem from health issues or pose health risk we will refer you to a specialist.

Understanding how treatment works

At SAI we build Leg Vein Removal package treatments based on the location & severity of visible veins within the treatment area. This allows the choice between two strategic treatment options:

  1. Palomar Optimised Pulsed Light (OPL)

Optimised Pulsed Light (OPL) is the next generation to IPL. At SAI we use the Max G handpiece to specifically target more superficial varicose veins (and facial vessels).

OPL by Palomar uses multiple light sources to target oxy-haemoglobin in the veins to coagulate blood within the visible vein. This coagulation will halt flow through the vessel & the vein dies. This is an ongoing & natural occurrence within the body, so your body will naturally absorb the vein & the problem vein disappears.

Palomar Max G OPL uses modern technology to help identify haemoglobin within the vein for treatment accuracy and provides advanced cooling technology to ensure a painless treatment process.

  1. Palomar Non-ablative Laser

Single spectrum laser like the Palomar non-ablative laser is an option when deeper penetration is required to treat a troublesome vein. Non-ablative means that there is no direct damage to the skin surface, which translates to zero social downtime. The benefit of single spectrum means peak power directed to the trouble area for very accurate results.

As with OPL, non-ablative laser heats the oxy-haemoglobin within the vein to destroy the vein. Once the blood has coagulated & the vein wall dies, the waste matter is then naturally absorbed by the body.

Please note: treating varicose & leg veins in this way will have no negative impact on blood supply.

Achieving the best Leg Vein Removal results

There are four key elements to ensuring that you make the most of your leg vein treatments. Ultimately you want to obtain a positive result whilst reducing the risk of future visible leg veins – if you follow this simple advice you are putting yourself in prime position to achieve just that.

  1. Select a package deal.

    This is not to sell more treatments but rather to ensure that the full source of the problem is eradicated.

  1. Compression stockings.

    These are not 100% necessary but supporting circulation during treatment will improve results & also reduce the risk of reoccurrence. Winter is a great time to undergo Leg Vein Removal treatment as compression stockings are an easy addition underneath winter warmers.

  1. Proellixe Vibration sessions.

    These sessions are not only affordable but improve bone density, muscle tone & importantly circulation. Reduced circulation is a significant cause for the appearance of leg veins. Weekly short 20-minutes sessions on the Proellixe vibration machine will greatly reduce the risk of stagnant blood occurring.

  1. Exercise

    Daily walking or other cardiovascular exercise will reduce the risk of developing visible leg veins. By elevating your heart rate & increasing blood-flow you will improve circulation providing improved support structures to avoid developing visible leg veins.

Make sure to discuss your leg vein concerns with your SAI therapist to decide which treatment option works best for you. It also pays to discuss your lifestyle habits to ensure that you get the most suitable treatment plan.

Remember that all packages are on special offer this June 2018 & there is a special offer on Leg Vein treatments too. Call SAI today on 011 883 3116 to make your appointment or simply call to discuss the multiple packages on offer.

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