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| Dec 12, 2016

Beach Ready

It’s summer time and with our long coastline here in South Africa that translates into beach time.

Are you shy about getting into your bathing costume because of varicose/spider leg veins? Don’t be! Unsightly or problematic leg veins are easily treatable.

What causes varicose and spider veins?

Varicose veins or spider veins can be caused by weakened or damaged valves within the blood vessels. They can also be an effect of hormonal changes, sun damage, or injuries. Other contributing factors include age, genetics, gender, pregnancy, and lifestyle factors such as activity levels and weight.


Varicose veins can cause leg fatigue, pain, and swelling among other undesirable symptoms. In addition the location, size and raised appearance of veins may make some individuals embarrassed or unduly self-conscious about their appearance. Leading to shyness and restricted clothing choices.

Dealing with unpleasant side effects from veins is very common. Research states that approximately 50-55% of women will experience some sort of problem with varicose or spider veins, 40-45% of men will, and 50% of people over fifty will.

Affordable and Effective Treatment is Available

Medical advancements mean there are more treatment choices than ever for those seeking respite from unwanted veins. Options available will depend on the type, size, location of veins as well as skin condition and the depth of the veins.

SAI uses two advanced laser technologies to treat leg veins. Both treatments are affordable and deliver results.


A Palomar laser is a highly effective tool that aims powerful light with precision. It has been studied extensively and has passed rigorous safety tests showing it to be safe.


Intense Pulsed Light involves pulsing light at a high intensity directly onto the skin. This technology is very advanced. It employs sensors to determine the duration of pulsing and employs UV filters to protect against UV damage.

How do the Lasers Work?

IPL and Palomar Lasers rely only on specific wavelengths of light to do their work. They do not require to be used in conjunction with injections, solutions or compression stockings. The high intensity light is directed through the skin onto the targeted vein.

Upon reaching the varicose or spider vein, the laser works to make the main protein in red blood (oxy-haemoglobin) to thicken. The coagulated blood can then be eliminated by the body’s natural processes.  The light also collapses the veins structure (i.e. cell walls). This allows the vein to be reabsorbed into the body. Together these two actions destroy the damaged veins and they become lighter in appearance and disappear overtime.

What is the Experience of Treatment?

A treatment session will generally last around 15-20 minutes. It is estimated that as few as 2-5 treatment sessions may be all that is required.

Laser treatment is a top choice for dealing with veins as it demands the most minimal downtime with few risks associated. In fact you can resume your usual activities directly afterward your session. Treatment is so hassle free that it can be completed in between your shopping errands or out on your lunch-break, returning to your normal schedule with no one the wiser.

Expertise Matters!

The SAI team is highly experienced in treating varicose and spider veins. We know how to get the best results from our medical laser technology to benefit you. Our office is clean, comfortable and every effort is made to ensure that you are relaxed and at ease.

If you have spider veins that you would like to say goodbye to; contact us for an evaluation and let us create a customized treatment plan.

It’s not too late to love your beach body this season!


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