Learning from the Red Carpet

| Jun 1, 2016

The Hollywood trends

When celebrities walk the red carpet they do more than promote a famous designer’s gown or dress, or even create fashion stirs for the world to follow… what they also do is set a trend toward aesthetic treatments worldwide. We all know & understand the power of the media and our favourite celebrities are the beauty fashion index used by popular culture, TV & magazines. So what can we learn from Hollywood regarding the trends to be expected & the ones that have recently gained popularity?

Let us begin with the global standards. First off, we must acknowledge that most, if not all celebrities are undergoing some form of Botulinum toxin & dermal filler treatments, and the global popularity statistics suggest that most individuals interested in aesthetic medicine follow some form of toxin or filler regime. These two treatments as such; are and have ranked number one & two in most requested aesthetic treatments for the last 5 years.

What is the world of fame telling us?

If international trends are to be compared with the red carpet events of 2016 we can deduce that we should be paying attention to or very soon will be experiencing an upturn in requests for:

Neck & jawline treatments

vampA strong jawline & tight neck are making waves at in tinsel town the moment. Fashion trends on the red carpet are highlighting long necks & slim defined jawlines. In the past, these requests have been fairly common but in 2016 we have multiple treatment options available to us to mimic the long lithe necks from the celebrity fashion trends. The jaw & neck are also very much overlooked by those early in their aesthetic days but with time it becomes an area that can be improved upon.

Clever use of Botulinum toxin & dermal fillers have been the staple treatment in the neck & jawline department but today; laser techniques, VelaShape III and thread lifts provide not only options but the ability to fine tune the appearance of your jawline & neck. Minimising the visibility of wrinkles, jowls & symmetry in this area will certainly reduce visible age and have you striding the red carpet with confidence.

Body Shaping

Fewer & fewer patients are requesting liposuction intervention to enhance body shape. The introduction of eating plans, the popularity in outdoor exercise lifestyles & of course non-invasive fat reduction & body shaping treatment advances have made liposuction a last resort. In fact patient requests for liposuction are down 37% since 2000 according to www.plasticsurgery.org.

1The red carpet this year was flush with fitted gowns & shapely legs, and this has highlighted the trend toward shaping up, not thinning out. The most popular requested area for lifting & shaping is the buttock, but hips, thighs & tummy are not far behind. At SAI we offer the VelaShape III as a non-invasive, no downtime solution to help your achieve the pert body of your dreams. Should you feel you need to incorporate some fat loss into your result we can recommend undergoing a Coolsculpt treatment or a proven metabolic balancing program for diet/lifestyle orientated body shaping – the aim of which is to create a stable insulin system within the body that will in turn reduce weight while correcting various aspects of metabolic syndrome including:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease

If you wish to enhance your aesthetics please make an appointment to see either Dr Clark or Dr Marks at SAI Sandton: 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof 012 460 7047. There are countless options to treat the face, body and skin.

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