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A leading light in Aesthetic Medicine worldwide, Dr Clark often travels internationally as a Key Opinion Leader. This time his destination was Spain and the reason – PALOMAR WORLD SYMPOSIUM ON OPL (Optimised Light Technology)

Dr. Clark and Nicolette recently attended The Palomar Symposium 2011 in Marbella Spain.

The Symposium focused on stretch mark and scar treatment, acne treatment, advanced vascular and pigmentation treatments, and the treatment of keloid scarring.  Of course the Palomar System treats hair removal and leg vein treatment too and various advancements in treatment options were also presented. All of which are available at SAI.

Dr. Clark had the opportunity to mingle and swop notes with the top experts in the industry; Robert Fielitz, Paul Wiener, Dr. Francesca de Angelis, Dr. Dianne Quibell, Flo Goshgarian and Dr. Maurice Adatto to name a few.

It is exciting to know that out of 270 delegates across the world that SAI are on par with every corner of the world.

If you are interested in benefiting from the latest’s advancements in Palomar Technology learned in Spain then book an appointment to visit Dr Clark and see what results he can get for you.

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