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| Nov 25, 2020

Summer is no longer just over the horizon, it is here! If you didn’t get around to planning your Beauty Treatment Regiment in advance, not to worry! Explore these quick and easy “Skin Wins” for a picture-perfect summer. Employ individual treatments or layer one or more of these skin-reviving in-clinic treatments to create and enhance beautiful skin.

Three Aesthetic Approaches for Gorgeous Skin (+plus a homecare pairing to compliment results)

1. Skin Brightening

IV Skin Brightening is a powerful beauty infusion providing maximum impact. Its positive effects are immediately apparent yet are long-lasting. Top three benefits of IV Skin Brightening include:

  1. Delivery of intense hydration from within where it soaks into the deepest layers of skin. This abets correct cellular function and cellular turnover while improving skin health overall.
  2. Deliberately chosen vitamin & antioxidants included via a Vitamin Cocktail to supplement depletions and simultaneously combat free radical damage.
  3. Deep relaxation is possible throughout this treatment, in our comfortable and clean clinic. Recline and enjoy some “quiet time”, indulge in guilt-free browsing, or stay busy and catch-up on emails.

This treatment is pain-free, affordable, and requires absolutely no downtime following; it can fit in any busy calendars. Our professional opinion is that it is ideal for this time of year and as such it is On Special!

Beauty Skin Results: Watch as a consistently toned, clear, radiant complexion emerges. Equipping the dermis with the hydration and nutrients allows for staying power the whole of the summer season.

Complementary Homecare Pairing: Opalesce Capsules . These potent, no-fuss, one-a-day oral supplements supply support for healthy skin. They lighten, brighten and minimize existing sun-spots, and help prevent the formation of new ones. A must-have for a lifestyle embracing the summer sun.

2. Skin-blemish removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Laser) is a first-class scientific solution for addressing and removing skin blemishes and more. Capable of performing targeted treatments on the legs, arms, chest, and other common problem areas. Significant improvements are to be seen after a single-session! IPL can be focussed to address the following:

  • Vein Removal
  • Stretchmark elimination (Popular choice for bikini season)
  • Scar Revision
  • Hair Removal
  • Photo-ageing treatment

Get the scoop from your SAI Therapist regarding how this non-invasive, multi-faceted treatment produces superb results without incurring downtime. *Great add-on to IV Skin Brightening treatment; On Special this month!

Beauty Skin Results: Savour a smooth, unmarred, even-toned skin surface and an increase in body confidence.

Complementary Homecare Pairing: Sundress occasions and donning a bikini translates into more exposed skin that requires protection. Invest in a high-quality professional formulation SPF that covers a broad-spectrum and will not irritate the skin. Shop SAI’s curated selection of excellent sun shield options that allows you the freedom to bare your beautiful skin safely.

3. Precision Anti-Ageing Treatment

The most popular Aesthetic staples support quick last-minute corrections and enhancements capable of significant results that remain visible throughout the summer. Expert application of Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Fillers makes non-surgical solutions possible. Utilize them for creating symmetry, rejuvenation, and erasing a range of unwanted visible ageing.

  • Address deficiency in volume
  • Establish contour
  • Soften
  • Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prevent future wrinkles

Beauty Skin Results: Appear and feel rejuvenated. No more brow-furrows, lip lines, crow’s feet, or niggling evidence of ageing with the added bonus of a Prejuvenation advantage.

Complementary Homecare Pairing: Skin Moisturizers  & Cleansers should suit your skin type and condition as well as the season . In summer, apply Cleanser to remove pool chemicals, salt from sweat, or excess skin sebum that is a consequence of higher temperatures. Apply day moisturiser to assist skin in retaining moisture and maintain suppleness in long sunny days.

Visit SAI; Before the Summer Holidays

Step into SAI and enjoy custom care.

Benefit from receiving advice and treatments from renown Dr Clark and his highly specialized team . The three treatments extolled in this article provide exceptional results with little-to-no wait time. Selected for their unique ability to work as stand-alone treatments or in combination.

Schedule your appointment today and speak with your SAI Therapist about how to tailor your aesthetic approach to address your concerns and reach your goals in a way which is effective and considerate of your budgeting requirements.

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