Last minute Aesthetic Clinic Treatments

| November 28, 2018

Immediate results without downtime

Are you in need of a last-minute aesthetic treatment? Even though festivities are not far away doesn’t mean that it’s too late to look your best.

Give your year a Fantastic Finish

This year has been a full one; it is time for some TLC, erase the stress, rejuvenate your look, and take a moment out for yourself. Each of these recommended treatments can achieve age-defying results quickly. If you can’t afford downtime but want to step into the holiday season beautifully, here are perfect treatments for you this December:

Four Focussed Treatment Options

1. IV Skin Brightening*

Deliver vital nutrients to improve cellular function deep within skin layers.

Brighten, smooth, and boost a dull, troubled dermis. Relax or choose to get things done during this pain-free, straightforward treatment that provides immediate results. Enhance from within to radiate beauty.

*On Special at SAI this December. Read more on what Skin Brightening provides and discover what you can save by scheduling it now.

2. Botulinum Toxin

This classic Aesthetic Treatment is popular for good reasons. Botulinum Toxin can address a wide variety of aesthetic concerns.

From deep brow lines, to crow’s feet, to wrinkles, to symmetry and more. Botulinum Toxin expertly administered is an impressive tool in your anti-ageing regime. It is great for eliminating niggling aesthetic concerns. It incurs zero downtime and results are seen within two days of treatment.

3. Superficial Chemical Peel

Improve your complexion via exfoliating, resurfacing and stimulating the turnover of fresh new dermal cells.

A Chemical Peel is formulated uniquely for your specific skin needs and requirements. A Superficial Peel also known as a Light Peel addresses only the upper layers of skin – this means that you can resume your normal activities right away*.

*Shielding treated skin from UV is recommended, so it’s best to wear a sunhat or UV Protection Skincare post-Chemical Peel

4. Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers can correct a multitude of visible ageing concerns.

From maintaining results, to subtle shaping, to increasing volume naturally by employing Hyaluronic Acid to heighten moisture within skin. Address those areas that showcase age, from the back of hands, to the delicate décolletage, to visible ageing that detracts from facial features.

Employ Dermal Fillers to smooth, lift, erase fine lines, restore and rejuvenate. SAI experts know how to utilize Dermal Filler benefits for your beauty.

Nourish your skin

Maintain or supplement treatment results by investing in quality skincare.

Visit the SAI Online Store to explore a full range of effective cosmeceuticals.

  • Gentle yet protective oil-free sunscreens
  • Intense repair crèmes for post-treatment
  • Powerful moisturizers for day and night
  • & more

Give yourself or someone else the gift of professional homecare for the holidays (Order now for delivery before the big day). Discover the difference it makes!

Please note that our Online Store will be closed from the 15th December – 8th January.

Sandton Aesthetic Institute

Visit our professional team at the SAI Aesthetic Clinic conveniently located in Sandton to schedule yourself some end-of-year TLC & anti-ageing aesthetic refresher treatments.


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