Laser Season: Autumn and Winter

| April 1, 2022

Seasons are changing, cooler winds are blowing on the highveld, and days are becoming shorter. While it may be tempting to stay under the covers; winter is an excellent time for making big strides towards our aesthetic goals. As you think ahead to the creation of a winter-care plan; consider including modern laser treatments – the technology has improved significantly.

Here is why Autumn and Winter make an ideal Laser Season…

Use shorter days to your advantage – Areas treated by laser must be shielded from natural UV light. This is easier in seasons with decreased UV levels and shorter days!

Layered Clothing is an Asset – Take advantage of bulkier clothing layers to inconspicuously cover larger areas of skin like the back, legs, or arms.

Schedule Forward – Effective laser treatment nearly always requires more than one session. Avoid disruptions and schedule treatments ahead of time.

Protect Skin more easily – Shield treated skin from chlorine pools, hot temperatures, sun exposure and excess humidity with more ease during cooler ‘inside’ months.

Promote Healing – Certain types of Laser treated conditions will be swollen, red, or sensitive. Cooler temperatures make it simpler to create conditions which promote healing.

Avoid Re-Occurrence – When targeting the melanin cells involved in the creation of hyper-pigmentation; avoiding undue exposure that could harm vulnerable skin – is much easier during winter.

What can Laser Treat?

SAI has recently invested in a new Laser Suite with full FDA approval for over 65 different skin indications. We won’t cover all of the treatments in this article but here are a few in which the treatment protocol required may be a little more aggressive. As such, the benefits of performing them during the Autumn and Winter months is enhanced.

Skin Resurfacing – Fractional Lasers are one way to achieving skin rejuvenation and improved skin texture. The Harmony XL Pro can address a wide variety of issues including: wrinkles, acne, veins, skin tags, and damaged skin. Through controlled micro-injuries, the Healing Cascade is stimulated within specific layers of dermal tissue. Damaged tissue is replaced with new tissue, collagen production is promoted and internal skin matrix structures are rebuilt.

Average recommended treatments: Range between 2-4.

Average Time of Treatment: Between 10 – 25 minutes.

Outcome Benefits: Reduction in symptoms and signs of visible ageing. Removal of blemishes and irregularities. Firmer and tighter skin that it is glowing and rejuvenated. ‘Clean slate’ for future aesthetic interventions.

Scar Treatment– A wide variety of scars can be treated successfully with the Harmony XL Pro. Scarred dermal tissues is subjected to a similar mechanism of action relied upon during skin resurfacing treatment. Scar tissue is penetrated and the generation of new healthy skin tissue is prompted; decreasing scar visibility and creating smooth skin.

Average recommended treatments: Range between 2-5.

Average Time of Treatment: Between 5 – 15 minutes.

Outcome Benefits: Smooth, unblemished skin. Increase range of movement (if applicable). Restore or enhance confidence. Create desired aesthetic. No need for make-up concealers or clothing cover-ups.

Tattoo Removal – No matter the reason you have it; if you will feel better without it, it is time to consider Laser. The Harmony XL Pro is capable of removing all colours of tattoo ink and is capable of accommodating all skin types. Using intense regulated light waves, larger particles of tattoo ink lodged within the dermis are broken up to then be absorbed and removed by the lymphatic system. Read more in-depth here.

Average recommended treatments: Range between 4 -12.

Average Time of Treatment: Between 10 – 30 minutes.

Outcome Benefits: Clear skin. No more memories or discomfort associated with seeing the tattoo. Image more in line with desired aesthetic. No more explaining. Increased confidence.

Stretch Marks – Take on those undesired stretch marks with the Harmony XL Pro. Whether they are from pregnancy, the achievement of weight loss, or simply ‘have always been there’; stretch marks can be successfully treated with laser. Commonly targeted areas included thighs, abdomen, and buttock areas. Starting in Autumn means fabulous results come spring and summers invitation to unveil and bare more skin.

Average recommended treatments: Series of 4-6.

Average Time of Treatment: Between 10 – 30 minutes.

Outcome Benefits: Increase confidence. Smooth, even-toned skin.

* A Note on Treatment Sessions

Placement, skin tone, type and size of target concern, as well as individual characteristics will inform the recommended number of treatments advised by Dr Clark. Length of time between treatments will be linked directly to the treatment area and specifics. Time of treatment includes the amount of time numbing crème requires to work when used in conjunction with laser.

Explore what’s Possible!

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