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| January 10, 2022

The whirlwind of holiday season is over. Keen for a new chapter? Commit to embracing self-care sans stress this January with these go-to rejuvenating treatments and therapies perfect for refreshing your skin and your spirit!

4 Simple Beatifying & De-stressing Treatments

IV Skin Brightening:

Once upon a time, exclusive IV treatments weren’t available locally, or at reasonable prices; thankfully this has changed! Increased demand has made these relaxing therapies affordable and to further entice, they are on Special in January 2022.

During an IV Skin Brightening treatment you can lay back, rest and relax, or read and catch up on entertainment or even work in our comfortable clinic. IV Skin Brightening combines Glutathione and skin nourishing nutrients with an ultra-hydrating saline carrier for a restorative effect on skin and body.

Results: Look forward to ultimately hydrated skin that is bright and radiant! By restoring correct moisture levels within the dermal matrix, healthy cellular function is aided, and the skin’s surface is improved. Skin is plumped, blemishes and fine lines diminish, and your natural beauty is enhanced.

What’s to love? No post-treatment recovery time required. Perfect way to correct the skin, give the body a boost, and invest in you with discomfort.

Proelixe Vibration:

Take advantage of NASA developed technology – in Sandton. Proelixe relies on the proven advantages of passive exercise which employs gentle vibration in order to stretch muscles and create ‘waves’ of muscle contractions. These in turn result in improved muscle tone, bone density, and blood flow.

Results: Perfect for starting the get-back-in-shape process or for assistance with weight loss. It is also a great option for those who are already in shape but who wish to address cellulite concerns or improve tone.

What’s to love? Comfortable, sweat and strain-free sessions. Enjoy the flow with in-clinic treatments that are fun, quick in and out affairs that are anything but stressful. Safe to use even for individuals who suffer from joint or back injuries.

Superficial chemical peels:

Summer sun is glorious to enjoy but can easily wreaks havoc on the skin. Superficial Chemical Peels can provide significant results without pain or hassle. Many are gentle enough to be experienced as enjoyably as Spa facials. Best utilized as a series; superficial peels stack up to provide serious beauty results. They are an affordable and accessible way to treat photo-damage, fine lines, wrinkles, dull, or blemished skin.

Results: Harness active exfoliating ingredients to remove damaged dermal cells. Stimulate the cellular matrix to bring new healthy skin to surface.

What’s to love? No pain & no peeling! Easy scheduling with no recovery required; means they fit easily into a session between work meetings or before the afternoon school run.


Looking one’s best is part of feeling one’s best. Invest in creating a positive difference to your shape using VelaShape III Body contouring technology. It is capable of reducing cellulite and fat cells while stimulating lymphatic drainage and boosting collagen synthesis. Treatment areas receive the added bonus of increased blood flow which in turn tightens and lifts for enhanced surface smoothness! Velashape combines suction, massage, infrared light, and RF waves to deliver excellent results with no invasive measures!

Results: Contour body wide or target specific body areas such as the neck, face, upper arms, thighs, or buttocks for intensive treatment. Enhance tone, get rid of cellulite, tighten, shape, and contour within a few short sessions.

What’s to love? Non-invasive meaning no knives, no needles, and no scars. Treatment time is 1 hour only! Relax while our Technician applies the VelaShape III compact hand piece to the treatment area.

Beauty Experts on Team You!

We offer far beyond these four featured treatments with an entire range of procedures and products appropriate for an extensive array of aesthetic concerns and goals – with options suitable for every skin type and condition.

Monthly Specials Available!

For any information or to book additional treatments please call SAI on 011 883 3116 / 060 718 2718 or visit the SAI Contact Us Page

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