IV Hydration for the Body

| April 1, 2022

Understanding the Key Role of Hydration on Skin

Individuals aiming for anti-ageing prevention can benefit from keen attention to dermal moisture levels. Within skin layers, hydration is key to proper functioning of the cellular matrix.

Dehydrated skin is lacklustre, prone to problematic indications such as itchiness, redness, and even break-outs. Dehydrated skin showcases fine lines and wrinkles and exhibits no plumpness.

Correctly hydrated skin is smoother, even-toned, and recovers better from environmental stress. It is able to regulate, maintain its skin-barrier, and keep its glow.

An easy to see example is to contrast the deeply hydrated, plump youthful skin of children with the crepe-like papery skin of the elderly. Even when we take excellent care of our skin; the ageing process itself will rob us of maximum dermal moisture levels. This is due in part to a decrease in the production of HA. It is also the result of the biological slow-down or impairment of the processes which renew and refresh. The good news is that we can support and supplement our skin’s moisture.  Hydrated skin will re-establish its youthful qualities!

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Beyond the Skin: Hydration & Whole Body Health

While medical aesthetics delves into dermal hydration methods and their importance consistently; the corresponding positive effects of correct hydration on the whole body are often overlooked. Remember, the absence of water for only a few days is lethal for a human. All dehydration, mild or severe, creates an imbalance of function internally i.e., disruption of homoeostasis.

Brain Hydration & Cognitive Performance – Water makes up 75% of brain mass. Multiple studies demonstrate that a decrease or reduction of water results in shrinkage of brain tissue mass and may result in negative effects on cognitive performance. In simpler language this translates to an increase of effort to get things done and a negative impact on planning and processing abilities 1. Dehydration has been shown to impair performance including but not limited too; tasks that require attention, psychomotor skills, and short-term memory.  

Digestive System – Hydration is key to proper digestive and elimination processes and is necessary to regulate bowel movements. Dehydration can lead to constipation, poor nutrient absorption, and bloating.

Memory & Mood Regulation – In one study 2, dehydration was shown to have a negative impact on memory as well as increase fatigue, anxiety, and tension in participants.

Immune Health – Correct water intake and retention is important for proper immune function. Hydration assists in the prevention of “nutrition-related non-communicable diseases” 3.

Endurance & Performance – Athletes and individuals training need to pay special attention to fluid intake. “Maintaining proper hydration before, during, and after training and competition will help reduce fluid loss, maintain performance, lower submaximal exercise heart rate, maintain plasma volume, and reduce heat stress, heat exhaustion, and possibly heat stroke.” 4

Additional Positive Effects of Proper Hydration

  • Improved Renal Function
  • Reduction in headaches & migraines
  • Body temperature regulation
  • Treatment of kidney stones
  • Assistance with weight loss

…& More!

Delivering Deep Hydration

Two reliable methods of delivering deep hydration are offered at SAI.

IV Skin Brightening – A relaxing, comfortable, pain-free IV therapy treatment hosted in the state-of-the-art SAI. Refill and refresh moisture in your whole body. This procedure delivers absorbable moisture mixed with nutrients for health directly.

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Skin Boosters – Let Dr Clark target specific areas of the dermis where moisture is lacking and supply a HA hydration boost. No downtime required.

Shop SAI online for a specially chosen cosmeceuticals which can increase moisture levels in skin and address a range of aesthetic concerns.

For any information or to book additional treatments please call SAI on 011 883 3116 / 060 718 2718 or via our SAI Contact Us Page.

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