Is Laser all you need?

| May 25, 2022

Can healthy flawless skin be achieved using only a variety of laser treatments?

The potent aesthetic power harnessed by the Harmony XL PRO by Alma can prove to be a useful ally in the anti-ageing battle. Find out where and how Laser’s array of functions can be used to bring your beauty to the forefront.

Face Care

Laser is a critical component in creating a rejuvenated, clear, and youthful complexion. Through the professional selection of its various features; it is finely tuned to take into account skin tone, skin qualities, and the results desired. Through the application of specific wavelengths, delivered at precise dermal depths it can address many commonly found skin issues and aesthetic concerns (with full FDA approval).

In the case of two popular facial treatments; here is how it resolves skin indications.

Wrinkle Correction – Laser treatment for wrinkles does not involve surgery, injections, or active ingredient formulations; rather it relies wholly on light! Light is projected deep within dermal layers. Through the creation of micro wounds, internal skin structures are stimulated to rapidly turn over skin cells thus creating a new and improved dermal matrix. Treated skin is tightened, firmed, and smoothed.

Skin Resurfacing – Beyond fine lines and wrinkles laser will serve other skin resurfacing needs. These include sun damage, uneven pigmentation or texture, certain types of scarring, and specific varieties of veins. In each of these instances the mechanism of action varies slightly while remaining similar. Directed specific wavelengths of light are employed to cause damaged areas of skin to be broken down such that a rebuild does in fact occur. Scar tissue, hyper-pigmentation, exposed capillaries etc. are broken down by the exposure to the laser light. New cells are generated to replace older damaged dermis and overall surface appearance is brightened and restored.

Body Care

Beyond the facial complexion, Laser treatment has become an excellent way to address a variety of aesthetic concerns visible on other areas of the body. It offers the unique advantage that it can be utilized virtually on the whole body, safely.

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Leg Veins – Unsightly leg veins can interfere with self-confidence, they can cause physical discomfort, and often influence and restrict clothing options. Laser is an ideal solution to troublesome leg veins. By targeting visible discolouration on the skin surface caused by various types of veins; it breaks down the stale blood within them so that it can be effectively reabsorbed by the body. Thus, restoring the skin’s surface, free from the appearance of veins. No surgery or chemicals are required when using laser to treat leg veins.

Hair Removal – A classic and established use of Laser continues to provide smooth skin for millions of men and women who decide to be done with razors, hair removal chemicals, waxing and other torturous reoccurring hair removal rituals. Premier laser treatment is safe and highly effective in preventing hair regrowth. By light ‘zapping’ hair within each follicle; maturation is stopped. Treatment is spaced in intervals that correspond with hairs natural development cycle to ensure the majority of hair is prevented from growth. It is important to realise the technique requires multiple sessions such that all the hair follicles are targeted within their growth phase – to learn more about this, please click here for a dedicated article on the topic of Hair Growth Cycles & Laser Treatments.

Targeted Special Application

Laser use extends to additional special applications. This full list is long and impressive (65+ FDA approved indication treatments). Here are just two of the valuable ways in which laser can be accessed for medical aesthetics.

Acne – Laser light is capable of preventing and halting certain types of acne. It works in three main ways; killing the bacteria that contributes to acne’s propagation, reducing oil on the skin surface, and working to reduce the size of the sebum (oil) glands themselves. It may also provide anti-inflammatory benefits alongside these others.

Tattoo Removal – Regardless of reason; if one desires to remove a tattoo, laser allows for this. Specific wavelengths are directed at individual tattoo colours deposited within the dermis. These break down larger ink particles into smaller pieces; allowing for it to become small enough to be reabsorbed by the body’s immune system. Visibility of the former tattoo image is decreased with each treatment. It is worth noting that this technology has come a long, to learn more please click here.

The Amazing Scope of Laser

Premier laser technology such as the Harmony XL PRO by Alma has the scope to treat from top to toe. If you are shy of surgery and desire a proven, low-risk alternative; laser may well be the answer.

Laser is Powerful when Paired

While Laser’s power can not be denied; neither can the wisdom of a combined approach of laser with traditional anti-ageing techniques and tools.

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