IPL IS DEAD.. Introducing the MaxG OPL

| October 11, 2011 | Reply

Hair removal, Pigmentation Treatments and Rosacea all treated more effectively, faster and with less pain! Do you still want IPL? Didn’t think so…..

OPL or Optimised Pulsed Light will soon replace all IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machines in the treatment of Hair Removal, Pigmentation and Rosacea. Why, you ask?

Palomar’s Max G OPL can offer the patient a longer, smooth wavelength and therefore more accurate and predictable treatment results. In the past, technology did not allow for long wavelength treatments without significant risk of injury. The Max G however has developed a system of better optical efficiency using light reflected within a sapphire crystal, which means cooler temperatures without energy wastage.

So what does this actually mean to you?

Max G OPL means a more accurate, safer and predictable result with far less pain. Treatments now can be targeted better for specific indications and higher power at lower temperatures ensure accurate and comfortable results.

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