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| March 29, 2018

More active ingredients for your money

At SAI we are proud to have formulated our own cosmeceutical range to offer customised homecare for the South African skin.

Dr Clark & his team have put together a comprehensive range of homecare products to target everything an international brand offers… but with two distinct differences.

Proudly South African

As South Africans we are outdoor enthusiasts and our skin reflects that lifestyle.

We are subjected to more UVA & UVB rays, our seasons epitomise the change in temperature and with that the moisture content in the air. We are unique, and our skincare should be similarly unique. The SAI Homecare range is formulated with this in mind.

Hydrating Day Repair Cream for all day moisture in the tough South African conditions, Intense Night Repair Cream to maximise hydration in the dry winter, a range of Cleansers to suite you skin type and of course a sunblock SPF 50 for ultimate protection – this is only touching the surface of the range on offer – you can explore online to see the benefits of working with a South African specific range of products.


Dr Clark has the opportunity to regularly travel the globe as a KOL for many leading aesthetic brands.

This allows him to test, note pricing & compare international brands to the SAI range.

With formulations on par, if not better than numerous counterparts & packaging equally adept at maximising product efficacy & longevity, a single differentiating factor remains unequalled. Price.

Being that the formulations are designed, packaged & distributed within South Africa the team at SAI can provide international grade cosmeceutical products at one-third of the price.

Not only do you get products formulated specifically for the South African climate but you get them far more affordably than any other leading brands.

You can now include a comprehensive homecare regime into your anti-ageing protocols. The benefits of active ingredients working on a cellular level tie directly into the SAI holistic way of thinking and the benefits are yours to enjoy. Ask questions here or via Facebook, or book a treatment session at SAI and let’s compare your existing homecare range to the SAI in house brand. Call SAI on 011 883 3116 today.

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