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| Oct 6, 2015

How to use all treatments available

We at SAI are on the forefront of medical aesthetics. Both Dr Marks & Dr Clark represent numerous global brands as Key Opinion Leaders and as such are first to know or even develop the international trends in anti-ageing. The industry does evolve incredibly quickly and the treatment of choice yesterday is not perhaps your best option anymore.
This is a challenge faced on at daily basis at both SAI Sandton & SAI Waterkloof.

Here is your guide to working with the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine:

crystal_tomato_skin_dietary_supplementCrystal Tomato – Crystal Tomato should be rolled into everyone’s homecare regime. Launched as a skin-lightening product, the team at SAI have noticed the glorious complexion effect on all the patients that use it. A smoother skin complexion & less risk of pigmentation create a wonderful glowing skin that is reminiscent of ones’ youth.
A tablet a day… that is all it takes, and the results are incredible.

As with Botulinum Toxin & Restylane Skin Boosters, there is no patient concerned with anti-ageing that should not be using Crystal Tomato. Crystal Tomato daily supplements will allow you to spend complexion & pigmentation budget on new technology treatments.

OPL (Optimised Pulsed Light) – OPL has set the benchmark for painless laser treatments but yet many patients still refer to IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). OPL offers increased treatment accuracy, meaning fewer treatments & offers more control creating a comfortable treatment environment. But what really sets OPL apart is that the downtime is zero, skin damage is so minimal that you can combine anti-ageing treatments without fuss. OPL is perfect to treat laser hair removal but also sunspots & rosacea.

By taking the OPL route you ultimately save money on fewer treatments and save time with shorter duration treatments. Ever thought that you could afford a Botulinum toxin treatment for those pesky wrinkles and have time to spare for a laser hair removal session too. With OPL you can.

ssThread Lifts – Silhouette Thread Lifts are a minimally invasive, immediate result facelift procedure that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete (depending on the quantity of threads). This latest innovative product has a double action that not only provides immediate lift to create a youthful symmetry but as the dissolvable threads stimulate collagen and elastin production for ongoing treatment results.

The joy of using thread to create lift is that it allows you to then use Botulinum toxin and dermal fillers to treat deep folds and wrinkles, this way you get the most accurate and natural result with minimal downtime.

Just imagine the quality of your skin and the timeless beauty if you used Crystal Tomato to create that perfect complexion, OPL to remove any sunspots & then combined dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin with your thread lift procedure. Crazy to think but this is all possible and it is still more affordable than surgery.

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