IMCAS Paris 2014

| January 31, 2014

Representing a Country



Dr Clark

There are few things greater than being at the pinnacle of your career but representing South Africa is one of them. For Dr Clark at SAI IMCAS (International Master Course on Ageing Skin) in Paris is one such occasion where he represents South African doctors on the global stage.

IMCAS is the amalgamation of top minds in the Aesthetic Medicine industry. Once again Dr Clark will be attending the four-day congress with a mind to teach international colleagues his techniques but also to bring some back to share with and improve the treatments for his patients.

Dr Clark and his team at SAI will complete a blog on his findings from this years premier Anti-Ageing congress, to provide you some insight into what to expect in the coming months at SAI. Stay tuned on Facebook for more details.

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