How to treat Cellulite

| November 2, 2022

 The *Sigh* of Cellulite

It is a sure bet that nearly every one of us has sighed when spotting cellulite in the mirror. Whether choosing a new swimsuit under harsh dressing room glare or to assessing whether or not the lovely new summer dress is revealing those uneven lumps. Cellulite is a bane. Don’t give up hope though because something positive can be done!

Despite occasional claims to the contrary there are effective ways to address, diminish, and eliminate cellulite. To understand how this is possible it helps to review the mechanisms that allow for cellulite formation, contribute to its visibility, and create its reputation for being stubbornly hard to erase.

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Basics of Cellulite Explained

Q: What is Cellulite?

A: Cellulite is when fat cells push to the surface – appearing as dimples or bumps.  The severity of its appearance is impacted by the strength of the internal skin structure, levels of hormones, number of fat cells, genetic predisposition, quality of circulation, and general health condition.

Q: How is it formed?

A: Cellulite is formed when fat cells in the subcutaneous layer (right beneath our skin’s surface) are able to push to the surface. This occurs via fat cells becoming enlarged &/ the connective tissues which would otherwise hold them in place become weaker resulting in a pressure that pushes, presses, and strains creating the puckers and orange-peel like characteristics of cellulite.

Q: Why is it difficult to treat?

A: Cellulite was previously difficult to treat as Aesthetic Medicine had not yet refined a safe and effective means to eliminate the fat cells that had pushed through the connective tissue.

Q: Does Cellulite affect men and women equally?

A: Cellulite is a more pronounced condition for women due to biological differences. Men have more connective tissue and an ‘x’ shape protein structure which holds more effectively than the vertical skin tissue structure women have. Women generally have higher body fat averages than men. Women also store fat differently and have separate hormone cycles at play.

Q: How does SAI use Mesotherapy to treat Cellulite?

A: Dr Clark employs Cellucare in his mesotherapy formulations to combat cellulite. This product is formulated to remove fat by causing it to disintegrate to components that body systems can transport away and ultimately dispel. Cellucare contains hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and micronutrients such as manganese, and zinc. 

Why Does Mesotherapy Work?

Mesotherapy provides relief from cellulite by destroying the fats cells that are causing the uneven bumps. It relies on a multi-pronged approach for efficiency.

  • It delivers fat-dissolving enzymes and proteins to remove excess bulging subcutaneous fat cells which are then processed and removed.
  • It provides skin matrix support for internal skin structures to better contain and manage the remaining fat cells.
  • It increases circulation in the area to facilitate natural processes of lymphatic drainage and healthy Cellular Turnover.

*It is important to note that the term “Mesotherapy” is used to describe a wide-range of individually formulated injectable solutions. For your safety it is important that you know exactly what is in the product being used in your mesotherapy treatment and to disclose any allergies or health conditions. Do not accept unlabelled products or undisclosed ingredients being touted by unqualified individuals.

What to Expect from Mesotherapy?

Each session will last approximately 30-45 minutes, and they are fairly pain free. A topical anaesthetic numbs the skin before a series of micro-injections are applied to the cellulite. Dr Clark will discuss the recommended specifics for the body area you wish to target. Generally several sessions are required for the refined results. The good news is that no social downtime is required. One can immediately return to activities of their choice following mesotherapy treatment.

Maximizing the Impact of Mesotherapy

Results should be seen fairly quickly but will usually depend on a series of treatment sessions for maximum satisfaction. To facilitate the positive benefits of mesotherapy; one can increase the amount of water intake daily in order to further assist the body’s drainage processes. One would be wise to enjoy an active lifestyle for healthy circulation that is supported by nutrition consisting of fresh fruit, vegetables, and unprocessed foods. Maintaining one’s body weight will help to ensure that results last long into the future.

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