How to treat a Sunburn

| August 17, 2016

Stop the Skin Damage as fast as possible

Perhaps you forgot your sunhat, got carried away playing in the water and forgot to reapply your sunblock, or were just enjoying the warm sunrays and delightful temperatures so much that you did not think about sun protection and forgot about the consequences. It has happened to us all, so don’t be embarrassed even if you have a red face.

While the effects of sunburn can take several hours to show it is easy to recognize by its characteristic appearance of pink or reddened skin and the sensation of heat. The affected area may also blister. By the time symptoms have appeared it is too late to prevent all the damage from happening but as the burn will continue to develop for up to an additional 24 hours, time is still of the essence.

The sooner you treat your sunburn, the better off your skin will be. This means that you still have time to help prevent further damage from occurring.


What do you do when you notice you are burning?

If you are still out when you realize that you are getting a sunburn, do your best to get out of the sun as quickly as possible and cover up any exposed skin.

Another treatment tip is to do your best to cool your skin down. This helps the heat dissipate and keep the heat from continuing to cause more damage to the skin.

Achieve this by cold compresses, a cool shower, or a fragrance free moisturizer (if the skin is not blistered). Stay on top of being hydrated as your body will need H2O to begin healing and a sunburn will easily dehydrate.

Be aware that severe sunburns require medical attention, if you feel dizzy, faint, nauseous, or feverish these can be signs of sunstroke.

All the damage is done by harmful Ultra Violet rays from our sun. The change of colour that is seen is on sunburned skin is inflammation. Small blood vessels underneath our outermost layer of skin are harmed and subsequently swell and ooze fluid. Our cells are also affected and can stop making proteins. Additionally, the cells which typically deal with Melanin can be damaged causing excess melanin to be created and transferred irregularly onto our skin.

This damage commonly manifests as sun spots. Genuine sunspots do not carry the risk of cancerous growth but many people find them unsightly. Especially as they commonly occur in highly visible places such as the face, neck, and top of hands. Despite being sometimes referred to as liver spots, they have no correlation to the liver except perhaps in colour.


Treatment Options for Skin exposed to excessive Sunshine

If you are self conscious about your sunspots they can be lightened by using Crystal Tomato Clarity Cream. This is a completely safe and non-toxic alternative to harmful skin bleaching creams. Unlike the risk inherent in bleaching creams, Crystal Tomato Clarity Cream carries no side effects and can be used for any amount of time without risk.

How we treat our skin after a burn is a vital part of minimizing lasting damage to our skin. Frequent treatments include soothing aloe, anti-inflammatory calendula and various after burn ointments available over the counter. These are specifically formulated to reduce swelling, restore moisture to the skin and ease physical discomfort. Using them up to 3x a day can help your skin heal faster and prevent unsightly peeling and scarring.

Crystal Tomato Daily supplement works in conjunction with these, providing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help your body recover. Crystal Tomato Daily Supplement also inhibits Melanin synthesis so the sunburn you received doesn’t make your skin tone darker if you don’t want it to. It also contains natural sunscreen in the form of carotenoids which have the ability to absorb light on the ultra violet spectrum, helping protect from UVA/B rays from within.

As we age our bodies built in protection against UV rays gets weaker. This can increase our risk of burning and developing sun spots. The best treatment for skin damage is always prevention! Taking care to guard your skin from damaging sun rays should be top priority.

Consider using Crystal Tomato daily supplements as a part of your preventative strategy to avoid visible sun damage to your skin and when the unplanned happens. & Crystal Tomato Clarity Cream is a safe option, non-toxic solution to the unwanted affects of over exposure to the sun on your skin.

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