How to get your Skin ready for a Social Event

| December 2, 2021

Help! I’ve got a function and my skin needs a pick-me-up.

When you require last-minute beauty miracles; Dr Clark and the team at SAI have you covered! Here are some excellent options that offer remarkable skin clarifying effects with a quick turnaround. What’s quick you ask? These treatments can correct and beautify in 48 hours and less. Ready, set, Go!

*Keep in mind these work just as effectively when there isn’t an emergency; so if your skin is suffering a breakdown these treatments can save the day!

Chemical Peel: Chemical Peels aren’t what they used to be! New improved personally formulated individualized treatments mean that you target specifics and can control the recovery time. SAI has recently added The Green Peel® to their repertoire and it holds a unique starring role for last-minute skin emergencies. With all natural, gentle yet effective ingredients it is absolute skin-saver when time is of the essence. Immediate results and no downtime. Great fix for skin breakdowns including but not limited too, mild acne flare-ups, dry skin, and dulled skin.

Get your glow back super fast with the Green Peel. On special for the holidays, the Green Peel®.

IV Skin Brightening: Recline and relax while you experience a pampering luxurious IV Skin Brightening treatment. This provides maximum hydration in under an hour; bringing benefits to the entire body! Let vitamin nutrients and moisture bathe the skin from within, resulting in an even facial skin tone and texture. Minimize fine lines through establishing correct moisture levels. Ideal for solving blotchy, stressed, and lifeless skin. Immediate and ongoing results with no pain and the added bonus of the option of getting things done during treatment, browsing your favourite screen reads, or simply having a ‘be here, now’ moment while enjoying the clean and calm environment.

Dermal Fillers: A different type of filler exists for each occasion. There is a range of minimally invasive dermal filler formulations available which can provide a positive impact with zero downtime. If you’ve been running full tilt, haven’t had a gap and need a perk-up, this is for you. The appropriate treatment is capable of subtle rejuvenation through balanced symmetry and highlighted contours that result in a refreshed and youthful you! Perfect for addressing lips, frown lines, worry wrinkles, and fine lines. Learn more about the options here.

Varicose Vein Removal: Schedule a last minute vein removal treatment in clinic. Quickly zap those unwanted veins and get the look you want. Read more about this non-invasive non-surgical technology, simply click here & scroll down.

On Your Side

Attend your event and enjoy yourself with confidence, invest in a self-care skin saving treatment today.

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