How to flex your next Aesthetic Clinic session

| March 1, 2021

Aesthetic Treatments are capable of reversing signs of ageing on our skin but in order to do so, they also require time.

While the allure of quick results is not to be debated; it is most often best to work slowly and with regular application, demanding patience and at times scheduled downtime. However, real-time, real life does not always give us this luxury.

What if your skin is suffering but your schedule can offer up no gaps? Don’t stress, with the perfect combination treatment you don’t have to sacrifice your aesthetic.

Here are three combination treatments which are ideal for individuals pressed for time yet conscientious about retaining or creating their refreshed and youthful aesthetic.

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Three Schedule-Friendly yet Potent Combination Treatments at SAI

  1. PRP Therapy & DermaPen (On Special this Month at SAI!)

Ideal Candidate – Those wanting scientifically proven regenerative effects! Well-suited to individuals ready to enact their anti-ageing ambitions and/or reverse unwanted signs of visible ageing.

Treatment Fundamentals – Platelet Rich Plasma is a Regenerative Medicine based therapy offering all-natural anti-ageing results at an absolute minimum of risk. DermaPen initiates the Healing Cascade to stimulate Collagen production. The therapies provide powerful results when used solo and these are only amplified when put together! PRP paired with DermaPen instigates the body’s healing response while saturating the treatment area with health-giving and healing plasma to allow and enhance repair and regeneration from within.

Results – Improved cellular function, optimized hydration for plump appearance. Fresh, youthful skin that looks years younger!

*Learn more about the mechanism of action behind how PRP works in this Aesthetic Medicine article here.


  1. Chemical Peel & Mesotherapy

Ideal Candidate – Those with dull skin or irregular superficial pigmentation concerns. Ideal for individuals who need to look their best for a big occasion. Think brides-to-be or simply being in the spotlight (even the Zoom one!).

Treatment Fundamentals – Mesotherapy relies on direct delivery of skin nourishing vitamins and nutrients carefully placed within correct layers of the skin. These supply dermal essentials and support healthy and correct cellular function. A personally formulated Chemical Peel employs chemical exfoliation to eliminate damaged cells and boost cellular turnover. Together these two treatments complement and intensify each other. Mesotherapy provides the building blocks and prepares the platform for improved Chemical Peel penetration while the peel acts from the uppermost layers to uncover a blemish-free and even surface.

Results – A glowing vibrant smooth and refreshed complexion.

Read more in depth about Mesotherapy here.


  1. Max G & Fractional Laser

Ideal Candidate – Sun Lovers who want to treat changes in dermal appearance due to sun damage. Individuals bothered by the appearance of spider veins or deeper layered pigmentation abnormalities.

Treatment Fundamentals – The Max G OPL targets and erases sunspots and pigmentation irregularities in deep dermal layers formed by years of prolonged UV ray exposure. It is also sufficient for eliminating spider veins. The non-ablative fractional laser boosts Collagen production to firm skin structures across all dermal layers. Performed together these cutting-edge laser technologies treat specific and multiple layers within the skin to regulate surface tone as well as lift and tighten skin achieving long-term beneficial results.

Results – A clear complexion with fantastic firm skin and even tone throughout.


These three combination treatments allow time-pressed individuals to experience high-return excellent results without an intensive investment of time.

Their expected outcomes are predictable and reliable. SAI’s Aestheticians are well-versed in advising Clients regarding the design of personalized anti-ageing regimes in-clinic and at-home to both treat and prevent unwanted signs of visible ageing.

Remember regularly scheduled minor treatments allow one to avoid aggressive treatments down the line. Book an appointment today for a renewed beautiful tomorrow.

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