How to: Decoding Lips

| January 26, 2021

Lips are a defining facial aesthetic feature.

Refining Lip Shape is a wildly popular aesthetic treatment as minor shifts can create a significant aesthetic effect.

Attractive Lips

What makes the lips beautiful?

Lovely lips come in every shape and every size. However, there is something to be said of aesthetic balance and symmetry.

Personal opinions inform the top picks for women of different cultures and backgrounds, but it is safe to say, and Cosmetic Doctors will agree, that certain ratios for lips repeatedly top the list.

In one global study the firm favourite emerged as a 1.0 to 1.0 ratio; the vote of 60% percent of the participants. This finding doesn’t decree the perfect shape for you though!

Personal preference, bone structure, and other facial features play a significant role in influencing the choice of ‘ideal’ lip shape for each individual.

Instead of being rigid with the ratio rule or picking the most popular lip shape trend, rather work with a skilled professional who can advise with honesty, experience, and with an eye for artistry.

Every Shape and Size!

The shape that is flattering for you will be uniquely yours but will likely have key attributes of accepted basic lip shapes.

These include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Proportioned: These lips follow the 1.0 to 1.0 ratio to achieve the same volume in both the upper and lower lip for a symmetrical look.
  • Cupid: Deeply defined ‘v’ shape is emphasized in this lip shape.
  • Decidedly Defined: Prominently outlined lips with defined borders.
  • Voluminous: Full luscious lips with enviable volume on display.
  • Friendly: Slightly upturned corners of the lip which allow for the appearance of a ‘resting-smile’.
  • Crease-less Surrounds: Lips showcase an even contour and very smooth skin surrounding which allows them to appear more of a focal feature with no distracting lip lines around.
  • Pronounced Pout: Pouty lips appear so because the bottom lip is slightly bigger than the top. The ratio of difference determines the impact of the perceived pout.

Tip – For a choice that compliments your style work with Dr Clark for custom lip enhancements. Keep in mind that while the popular pout suits some (think Angelina Jolie) it isn’t for all face shapes. Marilyn Monroe’s iconic look was cherry topped by a voluptuous lip shape with minor volume in the lateral poles (ideal for her rounder face).

Ageing & the Lips

It is an unfortunate truth that the natural ageing process effects the lips as equally as it does any other feature. In some instances, the effects of time may appear more distinctly on the lips than compared to other features.

Existing lip volume and contour is sustained by innate collagen and naturally produced HA. Production levels of these decrease with age thus thinning the lips. Tissue changes around the lips further contribute to changes in appearance including sagging at the corners and the development of fine lines around. As is true with all visible ageing, lifestyle choices can impact the speed of ageing. Excessive sun exposure without protection, drink, overly processed foods, smoking and copious stress can all accelerate the ageing process on a cellular level.

Due to the lips being a central facial feature; the action of addressing visible ageing on and near their borders can have profoundly positive effects. Even subtle corrections can reduce years from your age and restore an aesthetic of youthfulness and vitality.

Don’t believe the tabloids when they promote over-filling as a hot trend; well-considered sophisticated shaping that is matched to your face shape is much more alluring. It depends on you, not the trend.

Shaping the Lips & addressing signs of ageing

Aesthetic Medicine is well equipped to enhance and shape the lips as well as correct any indications of ageing. The extensive range of HA Dermal Fillers allows for performing slight to more deliberate alterations. While adding volume is a popular choice, it is far from the only one; and professional lip-shaping should not be performed by ‘just adding volume’.

Instead of limiting lip treatment by thinking of it as simply adding volume keep in mind that it is less about the amount and more about precise and strategic placement of the correctly formulated product capable of creating the desired effect.

From HA micro-droplets which bring out the lusciousness of one’s lips to different dermal filler’ viscosities employed to treat other indications. The carefully chosen HA dermal filler in professional hands is a powerful tool able to:

  • Redefine the lips lines.
  • Re-contour via target treatment in the centre, at the poles, or in the upper or lower lip.
  • Firm the skin around the lips to smooth and tighten.

A word on Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin is an accessory injectable treatment which may be recommended alongside dermal fillers in lip treatments. Its power to relax muscles and work preventively is valuable when it comes to eliminating wrinkles, fine lines, and other distracting elements surrounding the lips.

Contact the SAI team today and for lovable, youthful lips you can’t stop smiling about.

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