How Cellulite is Formed & How it can be Treated

| October 31, 2019

How Cellulite is Formed & How it can be Treated

It’s fun to show some skin in the summer. Don’t let Cellulite dampen your enthusiasm for slipping on what you want to wear this season.

Cellulite; a common foe

Defined as that dimpling cottage cheese or orange peel texture on the skin’s surface, Cellulite is so common it is almost ubiquitous. What does differ is the extent to which individuals experience it.

Cellulite becomes more pronounced as we age and ranges from mild to severe. What might have been barely noticeable at 20 may seem impossible to hide now. Genetics, gender, hormones, weight, and considerable weight-loss can all affect the appearance of Cellulite. Women suffer from Cellulite more than men because of greater fluctuations in hormones and the fact that female skin is thinner.

Frequently, Cellulite is misguidedly associated with obesity when in fact, the cause for Cellulite is linked with skin structures; while this does include fat cell distribution and its storage, it mostly has to do with shifting and changing internal skin composition.

How is Cellulite formed?

Underneath the skin surface is a network of interlocking fibres known as Septea. These connective tissue strands are responsible for holding fat cells in place. When Septea are not strong enough to hold cells in place they shift and push up against the dermis and cellulite becomes visible. Another factor affecting cellulite is the quantity of fat stored inside each cell. The fuller a fat cell is, the greater its potential to exert upwards pressure against the underside of skin.

Other major players in Skin Health such as Collagen and Elastin also play their own roles. Slowing biological processes, damaged and/or sluggish cellular functioning, and changing hormones all work to diminish fundamental skin building blocks. The loss of skin structures’ integrity brings the unwanted bumpy quality of Cellulite to the skin’s surface.

Treat Today!

While there is as of yet, no miracle to cure all Cellulite completely and forever – there are worthwhile treatments to diminish and eliminate it. While an active lifestyle and healthy habits remain an important part of looking and feeling your best; it is rarely enough to successfully combat Cellulite. In fact, if the skin’s elasticity is compromised, losing weight can even increase the severity of Cellulite!

Topical solutions often touted as effective treatments, may in some instances, provide limited benefits that are often short lived. Thankfully, there is no need for despair as there are modern non-surgical Aesthetic Clinic treatments that are capable of treating Cellulite effectively.

What is Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an established non-surgical clinical procedure capable of targeting Cellulite. Developed in 1952 in France by Dr Pastor it involves a series of chemical injections. The treatments name is derived from the fact that injections take place in the Mesoderm layer of the skin between 3-6mm deep.

The injections activate the Healing Cascade whilst breaking up the scar tissue holding the fat cells at the skin surface & the vitamin cocktail helps degrade the fat cells to leave you with a dimple free skin surface.

During the procedure a uniquely formulated mixture is introduced to the affected skin structures via multiple micro-injections. Injection recipes are unique to each doctor; they will contain compounds such as vitamins, minerals, and medicines. [All of which should be scientifically studied and medically accepted ingredients.] Each component within the formula will play an active role in achieving the aim of treatment. These include dissolving fat deposits, supplementing essentials for Skin Health, boosting collagen production, strengthening skin structures and more.

Common treatment areas for Mesotherapy targeting Cellulite include the back and side of thighs and buttocks.

Treatment Basics:

What to Expect: Treatment time is relatively quick with the injections themselves taking between five and twenty-five minutes. Treatment is comfortable and pain-free thanks to the application of topical numbing crème. Mesotherapy requires no downtime. Regular activities can be resumed directly afterwards, including exercise! While some bruising or swelling may be evident after treatment, Mesotherapy is considered to be non-invasive.

Results: Multiple Mesotherapy treatment sessions are recommended and necessary for achieving satisfactory results. As formulations are not standard but unique; results will be influenced by the specific Meso-formula chosen by your Doctor. In general results can be expected to begin appearing following the second or third treatment session.

Smooth Skin this Summer

Dr Clark and SAI understand Mesotherapy techniques thoroughly. This is important for not only your safety but also for your satisfaction. Dr Clark possess technique and expert formulation abilities which are the fundamentals required for quality results.  Experience less Cellulite, better Skin Health and the ultimate in satisfaction with the SAI Skin Therapists.

Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatment & Mesotherapy Facial Rejuvenation are on Special this month making it the perfect treatment to swing into Summer with.

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