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| October 1, 2019

Timeless Beauty

The components don’t have to be complex or difficult to understand; with professional assistance it can be distilled concisely!

The team of SAI Professional Skin Therapists go beyond in-clinic treatments to care for you and your Skin Health. Their expertise can help you create the most efficacious Skin Health protocols to stop visible ageing in its tracks and then reverse it! Allowing them to support your dermal health inside and out, can benefit you now and in the long-term.

Why Go Pro?

When you insist on professional evaluation and recommendations based on your unique skin qualities, properties, trouble-spots, and tendencies – you start right the first time.

From then-on you can build upon your successes. It frees you up from a frustrating (and expensive) trial and error process where you splash out on Insta-influencer recommended products that aren’t suitable or what is truly needed. Expert Skin Specialists at SAI will employ Visa™ Skin Assessments  and select in-clinic aesthetic treatments and homecare options to build an appropriate, personalized and thorough anti-ageing beauty regime that can deliver results for You!

The SAI Difference

SAI’s Professionals value:

  • Treating any underlying issues that affect dermal layers
  • Addressing visible signs of ageing correctly
  • Caring for skin with prevention of future ageing in mind
  • First class protection from sun and environmental damage
  • Nourishing skin from the inside out
  • Optimizing moisture levels
  • Improving skin cellular functioning for true skin health

ABC’s of a Robust Anti-Ageing Treatment Plan

A: At-Home Care:

Renew, reset and restore at home with scientific formulations.

Today’s medically advanced cosmeceuticals contains active ingredients that deliver results, facilitate healing after in-clinic treatments, and are an integral part of fully-fledged skincare routine. Fundamentals of homecare include:

  • Cleanser – Prepare the skin without damaging skin barrier function. Achieve better active ingredient absorption with the correct cleanser and rid the skin of debris after a long day out and about.
  • Moisturiser – Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. Water is Life and it gives life to skin cellular function; positively affecting tone and texture. A daily moisturiser is key to maintaining proper Skin Hydration. Moisturiser-selection should change with the season and as your skin changes. Invest in the best product for you and reap the rewards of beautifully hydrated skin.
  • Sun Block – Before you go-out to the meet the world, put on a quality UV shield! Protecting the skin from sun damage and photo-ageing paramount! New high SPF products have been created to suit every skin type.

B: Begin-Within:

Well-chosen supplements can contribute to healthier skin structures beneath the surface

Skin is an organ; its functioning is highly complex and regulated by internal biological processes. Oral Supplements can play a powerful role in anti-ageing.

  • Collagen RenewAgeing depletes collagen levels; this leads to the skin losing elasticity, plumpness and vibrancy. Collagen supplements support the skin by giving it the building blocks required to rejuvenate from the inside out. An added bonus is that Collagen supplements contain positive benefits for joints, muscles, and the entire body in addition to the skin!
  • OpalesceUV rays are skin enemy number 1. Opalesce is an oral supplement that increases UV protective measures within the skin while evening the complexion so the radiance of you shines through!

C: Clinical Treatments:

Foundational Aesthetic Treatments

Sometimes genetics &/ life circumstances contributes to niggling concerns that require a little extra attention. Foundational Aesthetic Treatments have been developed for exactly this reason. Non-surgical treatments can directly target common problems. The following treatments don’t require downtime but do attain results that turn back time.

  • Toxin – This world-famous favourite gained its popularity for good reasons. Toxin is versatile and effective. It can eliminate lines and wrinkles, create symmetry and prevent future wrinkles from being formed.
  • HA Fillers (Incl. Skin Boosters) – Add volume, correct wrinkles, treat asymmetry and benefit from fresh optimally moisturised glowing skin!
  • IV Skin Brightening – Allow your skin to experience deep dermal hydration and see the pay-out immediately. This simple and relaxing treatment can be done at intervals through-out the year. On Special in October 2019. [Link to Specials]
  • Dermapen –Achieve natural anti-ageing results via precision activation of the Healing Cascade which stimulates collagen and elastin production! It treats dull tone, overly large pores, hyper-pigmentation, certain types of scars, wrinkles, and more. Click here to read about the innovation inside the small but powerful Dermapen. On Special in October 2019

Visit SAI

Reaching your Aesthetic Goals requires a plan. Allow our SAI Family to be a part of bringing your beautiful skin to the surface with a triad approach to the Aesthetic treatment matrix.

Your next chapter is ready to blossom with our October Specials – click here to learn more.

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