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| March 29, 2018

Holistic Anti-Ageing begins on a cellular level

Times have changed.

Insight into skin ageing has highlighted just how external elements including stress, environmental factors & lifestyle decisions impact our visible age.

While many clinics have continued to treat skin age retroactively; Dr Clark & his team at SAI have opted to work through a holistic skin health process with first phase treatment focussing on skin health from a cellular perspective such that premature ageing does not occur.

This preventative form of treatment rebuilds cellular bonds & improves cellular function that will not only slow further skin ageing but also reduce visibility of fine lines, wrinkles & uneven pigmentation while improving skin tone, skin elasticity & skin hydration.

The Skin Renewal Process

The skin is an organ, and it reflects internal health externally by way of visible age.

What we set out to achieve by following this process is to renew cellular structures by understanding skin health needs on a cellular level.

  • Dehydrated skin loses skin volume & slows fibroblast activity. Once skin cells become overly dehydrated the cellular structure begins to break down – essential nutrients designed to maintain skin health are lost. This break down will soon reflect on the skin as wrinkles.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) & Collagen in the skin are responsible for maintaining elastic, plump skin, plus hydration balance. These degrade with chronological ageing, but lifestyle choices & stress hasten this degradation. Without sufficient stores of HA & Collagen you skin loses the ability to move elastically & wrinkles begin to become visible.
  • Poor cellular turnover will quickly develop into pigmentation issues or more commonly present as dull, dry or uneven complexion. Without proper exfoliation your visible skin essentially becomes dead & the longer this continues the deeper the problem delves, on a cellular level.

The Preventative & Renewal Divide

Prevention is better than cure

Regaining cellular structures will ultimately benefit your visible age and your ongoing skin health for years to come. Preventative medicine is designed to restore you skin cellular structures to as they were in your youth, which impedes further premature ageing: there are a number of treatment options to achieve these results.

It is essential to invest in a full Skin Analysis to ensure that the protocols are working for your unique skin requirements.

  1. Supplements – daily supplements are fast becoming the norm in Aesthetic Medicine. Pro Active Collagen is the latest product in the SAI range designed to build healthy reserves of collagen within the skin as a daily supplement.

Similarly, IV Skin Brightening protocols improve skin nutrient levels & skin hydration. There is also improved cosmeceutical homecare options that facilitate healthy cellular functioning when used correctly.

Intervention is once again designed to target specific areas identified by the Skin Analysis. Treatments may include:

  1. Chemical Peels – when designed for your skin requirements, chemical peels can improve cellular turnover & allow for penetration of homecare actives to the skin for optimized cellular health.
  2. HA Dermal Fillers – provide hydro-balance within the skin by injecting Hyaluronic Acid into the skin. This plumps wrinkles from the inside out & ensures healthy HA levels which allows for cellular functioning.
  3. IPL & Laser – by correcting skin redness & pigmentation on a cellular level we create an even complexion that glows. This in itself is half the anti-ageing battle won.

Renewal Treatments

As you can imagine, to achieve optimised cellular function – treatment will be very specific for individualised areas of concern.

The knock-on benefit here is that with high functioning skin; each treatment will require far fewer sessions, with greatly reduced social downtime… this also translates to saving.

Renewal Treatments we recommend include:

  • MesoGlow Facials – to restore Collagen levels within the skin.
  • PRP Therapy – achieving Skin Rejuvenation using your own platelet rich plasma.
  • Fractional Laser – kick-starting Collagen induction with thanks to the Healing Cascade.
  • VelaShape III – body shaping by targeting the body’s natural reaction to heat, light & massage.
  • Botulinum Toxin – the universal renewal treatment to finish off a full spectrum holistic treatment protocol.

The Ultimate Benefit

Treating ageing in this fashion will renew cellular structures & in turn present a youthful healthy skin complexion. We are today effectively treating skin health as a condition and returning skin cells to functioning as they did in your youth. This means plump, luscious skin capable of withstanding daily stress & environmental factors & resistant to chronological age.

“The proof is in the pudding”, as they say: we highly recommend that you visit SAI today for a full Skin Analysis & an opportunity to see how a unique anti-ageing regime that includes homecare, supplements, minimal aesthetic treatment intervention & a few extras can build a healthy skin foundation that defies your age. Call SAI today on 011 883 3116 to make your appointment.

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