Help! Winter skin issues and how to correct them

| July 1, 2021

Winter is here along with its notorious seasonal elements.

While the sunny days may take away the chill of early sunsets; winter conditions on the Highveld are very unkind to the skin. Elevation, lack of moisture, and cold temperatures are capable of causing significant dermal damage – creating setbacks when it comes to aesthetic goals and keeping signs of ageing at bay. If your skin is showing undesirable indications or if wintertime is bringing premature ageing into focus; it is time to take action.

Let’s begin with three of the most common wintertime complaints and strategies on how to solve them.

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Dermal Concern # 1 – Increased Premature Ageing

Issue: As the onset of winter is established and the season progresses, one begins to notice that the signs of ageing are accentuated or worse yet, appear to be accelerating. New wrinkles appear, known ones deepen or extend, skin tone becomes blotchy, and irritation is significantly noticeable.

Underlying Cause: Skin dryness, sensitivity, irritation. Premature ageing is caused by dry and dehydrated skin, newly or overly sensitive skin, as well as skin that has been insufficiently protected.

Corrective Treatments:

  1. Dermapen
  2. Skin Boosters Learn about the remarkable Power of Skin Boosters here
  3. IV Skin Brightening

Why they work: These treatments deliver moisture and vital nutrients to where they are needed. While Skin Boosters increase the ability of skin to retain water, Dermapen delivers a supportive Vitamin Cocktail which in part enhances penetrability of powerful active ingredients, and IV treatment works from the inside out. All three assist the skin in regaining and retaining moisture levels; giving it the tools required to function well despite adverse environmental elements.

Properly hydrated skin is less sensitive and correctly nourished skin is able to maintain its skin barrier, ensuring protection from detrimental outside forces.

Dermal Concern # 2 – Lacklustre tone & No More Glow

Issue: Skin has to cope with numerous stressors during the coldest season of the year. This can lead to a tired and aged appearance. Like others, it is frequently precipitated by weather but it can also be aggravated by lifestyle choices.

Underlying Cause: Dull skin that appears ‘flat’ comes from slowed or inadequate Cellular Turnover. This issue is easily compounded by utilization of seasonally inappropriate homecare, overexposure to moisture sapping heaters or excessively hot showers. Any build-up of dead skin cells is what steals the skins glow. When left untreated; this increases the appearance of enlarged pores, results in more clogged pores, and is a contributor to acne breakouts.

Corrective Treatments:

  1. Chemical Peel
  2. Facial Cleanser
  3. Apply an at-home exfoliating face mask

Why they work: At times our skin needs a bit of assistance when it comes to ridding itself of old cells and brining new ones to surface. Correctly chosen Facial Cleanser, personalized peels, and at-home treatments such as exfoliating masks assist the skin with sloughing off the old. Professional in-clinic sessions and products allow for effective yet gentle treatment that uncovers and promotes radiant skin.

*Keep in mind that the active ingredient at work to avoid dull winter skin is Glycolic Acid.

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Dermal Concern # 3 – Redness and Surface Irritation (Treatable from Home!)

Issue: Winter is a season associated with sweaters, snuggles, and a certain ‘rosiness’. However, blotchy red skin is not desirable as it can make one’s aesthetic appear flustered and can make one feel self-conscious.

Underlying Cause: Skin is a complex organ and peripheral sensors are constantly monitoring aspects such as temperature. When temperatures rapidly increase it is disruptive to skin which prefers consistency. Vasodilation among other physiological changes contributes to visible pink, red, flushed, and or blotchy skin appearance. Inflammation resulting from dryness and/or sensitivity may also factor in.

Incorporate homecare active ingredients capable of counteracting inflammation, calming, and nourishing skin layers.

Corrective Treatments:

  • A range of skincare essentials containing active ingredients which target causes of redness specifically: look for products with Peptides & Ceramides

Why they work: There is nothing quite so satisfying as getting two-for-one and these powerful ingredients offer just that with their dual role. Upon application they work hard too:

  1. Boost cellular function which in turn allows skin to better maintain its homoeostasis.
  2. Possess anti-inflammatory qualities which minimize skin stress and subsequent ageing in exposure to rapidly changing climates.

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Bringing out Beautiful Skin

Winter is a time for giving your skin special care to offset the seasonal stressors. If you are stressed about your skin, not sure what is causing the problem, or want to address ageing that is detracting from your Aesthetic, contact SAI.

Our professionals can assist with everything from Visa Skin Analysis and in-clinic treatments, to help choosing homecare within our Online Store.

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