Heliocare Airgel Fluid

| Dec 15, 2014

This month we want to talk about Sun protection. We feel that people tend to remember about applying SPF only when Summer comes about even though it should be a daily habit all year long. At our practice, we always want to give our customers the assurance that they will be given safe and efficient treatments but we also want to provide great homecare so that you get to experience high end products following the procedure. Sun protection plays a huge part in not only delaying ageing and protecting your skin against skin cancers, it also help you prolong your treatment by strengthening your skin and ensuring that the results are maintained.

There is so much choice when it comes to picking the right Sun protection but at SAI, we cannot tell you enough good things about Heliocare. Heliocare has added two new and unique products to their range to supplement your daily skincare routine for optimal skin protection this Summer.

We have briefly introduced the Heliocare Air gel fluid in our newsletter and we thought we would tell you a little bit more about it in this article. But make sure to stay tuned as our next articles will cover the Heliocare fluid cream AND give you some useful tips on how to protectyour skin efficiently.


HC1The secret behind this product is that it contains advanced filters as well as a BioShield system that defends your skin against dangerous environmental challenges such as UVA and UVB rays.The BioShield System absorbs high-energy light at the skin’s surface and helps neutralise the action of infrared-A within the skin. The HeliocareAirgel fluid repairs and prevents DNA damage thanks to its key ingredient the FernblockRFC. When the skin absorbs UV rays, it damages the DNA in your skin cells, speeds up the ageing process but most importantly, it greatly impairs skin health and can lead to skin cancer which is unfortunately increasing here in South Africa.

The HeliocareAirgel fluid is non-comedogenic, paraben, oil and alcohol-free. It is appropriate for all skin types or colours and suits even oily or sensitive skins. You can use it in combination with your other skincare products and makeup products.

Its innovative, ultra-light, gel-mousse formula makes it so easy to apply and therefore facilitates daily use. What’s more, it gets absorbed in no time and is not noticeable on the skin like most other Sun blocks which tend to leave sticky, white residues. HeliocareAirgel fluid is perfect for the face but we advise that you also apply it onto your hands, feet, neck and chest area too!

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of the HeliocareAirgel fluid is its high SPF of 50 which guards you against 98% of UVB rays! It does not mean that you can spend more time Sun tanning and certainly does not make you invincible to the Sunrays but it does give you peace of mind that your skin is intensively protected with the best Sun protection there is.

How to use the HeliocareAirgel fluid? Simply shake the bottle before use and lightly spray onto your hands before applying to clean skin every morning for sleek, uniform coverage. Of course, remember to re-apply throughout the day for continued protection.

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