Hand Rejuvenation & Crystal Clear Clarity Cream

| Jul 13, 2016

Visible Aging can be seen on our hands

As we get older, our soft tissue goes through intrinsic aging which makes it less plump and firm.

We expect our hands to do so much for us every day and oftentimes we forget to protect them adequately.

Hands are exposed to pollutants, are extra prone to skin injury and are frequently left unprotected from the sun. This damage can be compounded when we often forget to include our hands in our skincare regime.


What is Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation refers to specifically targeting the hands in an effort to ensure that they are attractive. Hand Rejuvenation can include the use of dermal fillers, skin boosters and lasers.

Hand rejuvenation can also include the use of Crystal Tomato’s Crystal Clear Clarity Cream.

This can be used in conjunction with these other options or on its own. Note: If used on its own Clarity Cream will not address skin plumpness but addresses sunspots / “liver spots”.


Crystal Clear Clarity Cream Can Help With Hyperpigmentation or Dyspigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be the result of a number of things including previous injury, inflammation, acne or even sun damage. It results in skin which is visibly coloured differently from the surrounding areas. Crystal Clear Clarity Cream can be used on the hands to address areas of hyperpigmentation safely:

Clarity Cream can be used

  • On its own as a means to target these areas of concern
  • Alongside other hand rejuvenation measures
  • To help maintain the positive benefits of any Hand Rejuvenation aesthetic procedures you may have received.


Sun spots or Liver Spots:

Sun spots are specifically caused by damage from over exposure to the sun.

Often called “Liver spots” they have nothing to do with the liver’s functioning but rather picked up the nickname due to often being a darkish brown in colour, as is the colour of the liver.

If you have unsightly sunspots on your hands Crystal Clear Clarity Cream can be applied directly and used to reduce their visibility. Clarity Cream is an alternative to lasers.

An added benefit of using Crystal Clear Clarity Cream is that it has built in sun protection to help protect you from the development of future sunspots.


Crystal Clear Clarity Cream is Safe and Effective in Rejuvenating Your Hands

It works by using all-natural ingredients found in our patented Crystal Tomatoes, it can be used without fear of unwanted side effects or adverse reactions (unless you are allergic to tomatoes).

Crystal Clear Clarity Cream offers a safe and effective way to address unwanted areas of discolouration.

Consider using it both as a way to address any areas of concern you may have currently and adding it to your skincare routine as a way to keep your hands looking younger for longer.


Use Crystal Clear Clarity Cream to Rejuvenate Your Hands!

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