Laser, Shaving, Plucking & Waxing… what’s the difference

| Sep 5, 2017

The lowdown on your Hair Removal plans for the summer

Let the planning begin: to get in shape, reinvigorate the skin & of course to get rid of some unwanted body-hair.

Spring is a time of blossoms & new life. The mornings waking up to bright sunshine & warm weather has us reaching for the summer wardrobe only to find that we are not in the same shape as we were in the previous summer.

Hair Removal Treatments

Hair removal treatments are as common today for both men & women. Women focus their hair removal efforts in the more traditional areas:

  • Legs
  • Under arms
  • Bikini line
  • Facial hair

…while the men tend to opt for back & shoulder treatments. The key question clients ask, is which option works best for their ongoing needs. So here is the breakdown to help you get ready for the summer.

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is without doubt the most efficient, long-term & cost-effective way to semi-permanently removal unwanted hair. We use the term semi-permanent as in time some untreated hair follicles may grow in treated areas. However, after multiple treatments we can positively say that any treated hair will not return.

We have multiple options to treat large surface areas including the legs, arms & back. Additionally, different hand-pieces allow the therapists at SAI to target smaller specific areas without risk of ingrown hairs in the bikini line, underarms & facial hair.

There are of course cons to Laser Hair Removal. Final results will take a few treatments & this is due to the hair growth process. To effectively & permanently remove hair using laser technology you need to target the follicle in the growth phase. Hair that is not in the growth phase will still be eliminated but will return in the future, but much thinner & without any stubble.

The most impressive bonus of laser hair removal is the ability of our therapists to target & treat different areas within the same treatment time simply by swopping hand-pieces. This means you can treat multiple areas in a single treatment plus do so quickly.

Each laser can alter spot size & accurately target specific depth to ensure that we are eliminating unwanted hair for good. Each laser zap feels no more painful than a small pinch & within an hour you can say goodbye to messy waxes, ingrown hairs & the formation of stubble… but let’s not overlook the other options!


The globes most popular method of hair removal, and why not? It is relatively cheap & painless plus a pretty quick way of hair removal. However, the pros are matched by the cons. Nicks & cuts are common & unsightly, the results do not last more than a couple of days but the main drawback is without doubt the development of stubble.

Stubble begins to show within a day or two & over time shaving leads to a thickening of the follicle making the condition worse & more visible. Shaving therefore should be avoided at all costs on the face & we certainly don’t recommend it for the bikini line.


A great alternative to shaving as the results tend last a couple of weeks before visible hair returns. When waxing, you literally pull the hair out at the root so you don’t create a stubble. The downside for waxing is that it is a painful experience & more so over larger areas. Another con to consider before waxing is that the treatment tends to perpetuate ingrown hairs which are unsightly, painful & depending on the location embarrassing.

The leg & back are common waxing areas but for such a large surface area we would recommend Laser Hair Removal instead. Similarly, the bikini area wax is a better option than shaving but when considering ingrown hairs, Laser would again be the better option.


Perfect for the eyebrows & the odd strand of facial hair; plucking is an age-old method of removing hair. Apart from the single strand getting in your way we would never recommend plucking as a viable hair removal option. The pain & speed of treatment are the major drawbacks.

Shaping eyebrows & maintaining them is easy with daily maintenance but undergoing hours to remove larger areas of hair is just not practical.

Trust us, there are better methods than plucking & why not let accurate laser treatments permanently treat those specific areas anyway?

We recommend the latest Palomar Laser Technology. If you are unsure of investing in laser hair removal perhaps our September Laser Treatment Special offer might tempt you to try a small area to see for yourself.

Make an Appointment

Call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 today & feel free to ask as many questions as you like. It is little wonder to us that laser hair removal is an ongoing & year-round popular treatment. The results speak for themselves, but you must see for yourself.


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