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| Jul 1, 2016

Raising the hair loss treatment bar

hairlossMore and more individuals, both men & women, are turning to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy to reverse their on-going hair loss condition. The process has been used for a number of years in sports injury wound healing and more recently for skin rejuvenation, where it is commonly referred to as the Vampire Facial. In more recent years extensive studies have shown that the PRP wound-healing protocol, when applied to the head & scalp, will stimulate hair growth.

The science is fairly simple. It is commonly accepted that blood plasma is responsible for wound healing. This translates that if we as physicians can inject plasma mixed with specific additives directly into a wound, recovery would occur at a quicker rate. The process has been used successfully treating the world’s most famous sports stars and when applied to the ageing skin the results were astonishing: complete skin rejuvenation! It makes sense then that the next evolution would be to stimulate the scalp and formulate new hair growth.

How is PRP Therapy performed for Hair Loss?

As with traditional PRP techniques, we will harvest your own blood, spin it to separate the impurities from the needed plasma and then, after mixing it with medical growth factors, it is re-injected in a series of micro-injections into the scalp and hairline.

The system is completely sterile and by injecting your own blood we effectively eliminate the risk of allergic reaction. The added joy of undergoing this type of treatment is that after a simple wipe down you are ready to go home. There is no hospital stay required and in most cases patients drive themselves home.

Many patients use PRP therapy pre- and post- hair restoration surgery but we at SAI have found extremely successful results using PRP therapy alone. In these cases we recommend a visit every 3 to 4 months until you are satisfied with the results.

Why does PRP Therapy work for Hair Loss?

The platelets & growth factors re-injected into the scalp area stimulate stem cells, and surrounding skin cells – in this case; the hair follicles. This stimulation of the hair follicle micro-environment initiates a process of healing & tissue regeneration and ultimately new hair growth during the active growth phase. This means you are stimulating & regenerating hair follicles for a fuller head of hair.

If your hair loss is a concern to you, you should definitely make an appointment to see us. Or if you know of any individual suffering from hair loss, and there are countless patients that are unaware of this potential treatment, please forward them this article. To make an appointment to see either Dr Clark or Dr Marks call SAI Sandton: 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof: 012 460 7047.


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