Getting to grips with Cellulite

| September 1, 2016

Know the cause, create the solution

It is estimated that between 85% – 95% of women will have some form of cellulite on some part of their body. It is almost taken for granted that many, if not all women, would like to permanently remove its existence. The trouble is that not many treatment protocols have proven successful. That is until VelaShape III was introduced… but let’s first go back to the beginning.

Many women believe that cellulite can be avoided. This in some instances does hold true, but more so that if you follow the correct diet and make smart lifestyle choices to minimise the scope of visible cellulite. The fact of the matter is that cellulite is a genetic problem, hence the high percentage of women with cellulite. If you follow these tips you could reduce visibility or decrease the likelihood of developing grade 3 & 4 cellulite.

Two tips to minimise your cellulite

  1. Get active: by increasing your blood flow & circulation on a regular basis you will decrease the chances of your cellulite developing further. If you work at a desk, get up and take a stroll around or ensure that you stimulate your circulation daily. This is an absolute minimum.
  2. Choose a healthy lifestyle: this means diet & nutrition but it also means controlling your alcohol intake and making positive life choices like not smoking. These choices will not only minimise cellulite development but also improve your skin too.

Treating existing cellulite

We know that you are not alone, you and everyone else, including Miss Universe has cellulite. We also know that we can control the extent of our visible cellulite with correct life choices but what we don’t know is how to effectively treat existing visible cellulite and create those body contours you have always dreamed about. Until now!

Here is the solution.

When targeting cellulite most treatments address the visibility and dimpling on the skin. This does not offer long-term or permanent solutions. VelaShape III, however, does and here’s why.

Treating cellulite requires a three-pronged approach, with a fourth being patient comfort & safety. The anatomy of cellulite is this:

Fat cells in the deep dermis increase in size (this is caused by genetics, hormones, diet & life choices) and with no room to expand toward the bone, the expansion is outward toward the skin by way of visible pressure on the skin surface. This in itself would not necessarily become an issue were it not for connective tissue holding the skin surface taught.

The opposing forces create the dimpling effect we see as cellulite. So the trick in any cellulite treatment is to target not only the surface of the skin, but the deep lying fat cells & connective tissue all simultaneously, and to our SAI knowledge VelaShape III is the only platform that treats all three in combination. This is why VelaShape III is our SAI cellulite treatment of choice.

This is how it is done:

  1. Use heat to target & dissolve fat cells.
    In the VelaShape III we use both Bi-Polar Radio Frequency & Infra-Red energy to target & reduce fat cells. By using two energy sources we can accurately & painlessly destroy fat cells in any layer of the skin, without damaging surrounding tissue. The sustained heat during the procedure will also increase cellular metabolism and circulation to reduce the risk of a recurrence of the cellulite.
  2. VelaShape III incorporates vacuum to hold the target area in place. This means a more targeted & accurate approach that translates into shorter treatment times, fewer treatment sessions and improved results than on previous VelaShape models or other less popular methods.
  3. Massage is the final treatment step
    Incorporating massage not only helps break down the fat cells and stimulates the lymph removal system it also helps reduce the grip of the connective issue. This eases the opposing forces on the surface of the skin and further reduces the visibility of the cellulite.

vela1At SAI we recommend a four-session treatment plan to reduce the visibility of any of your cellulite worries, regardless of body location. The VelaShape III science is so well documented and our patients have been so excited with their results that we can positively state we will make an impact on your body for the better. A treatment lasts only one-hour and with zero downtime you can simply return to the office post treatment. VelaShape III is the ultimate cellulite treatment solution.

If you are thinking about your curves for the summer holidays then make sure to book your cellulite treatment with SAI & VelaShape III today. Both SAI Sandton & SAI Waterkloof offer the platform as their premium cellulite treatment and with such a proven track record we know if you start this Spring you will be boasting unblemished curves by the time the bikini beckons. Book your appointment with Dr Clark or Dr Marks at SAI by calling SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047 today.


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