Get the look: a swimsuit body this summer

| September 29, 2021

Step Out with Confidence!

Wanting to feel and look our best can be a positive thing. Making a plan for where we may need a bit of help, is proactive and can be a mature means to forward progress.

Taking charge with the choice to exert some control and influence over our appearance can carry psychological benefits and often health benefits in tandem.

We recommend balance and moderation.

Regardless of whether or not you actually want to or plan to wear a swimsuit this summer, the idea is the same. A swimsuit body is one that we feel good in, from top to toe.

Summer Shape: Sculpted & Sensually Smooth

Forever Free – Forgo the stress about stubble! Revel in that smooth, ‘just-shaved’ feeling everyday with an investment in Laser Hair Removal. While it is especially pertinent for bikini lines it’s just as awesome any where and everywhere else.

Welcome the end of razor burn and unsightly bumps. It’s convenient, safe, and gives you the freedom to be spontaneous – never think twice again before donning your sleeveless summer wear, short skirt, or swimsuit.

Learn more about how Laser Hair Removal is suitable for any skin tone and hair colour & can provide satisfaction with life-long results: see our What’s New article.

*Tip – SAI is offering free treatment for underarms when a series treatment for a different region is purchased! Example: Pay for your Bikini line and get your Underarms included at no extra cost! Visit our Specials Page!

Contour Enhancements – Smooth unevenly textured skin and get the shape you want with Velashape III. This proven body shaping technology will firm and tighten while removing cellulite. Perfect for under silky dresses, hemline shockers, and/or sporting an itty-bitty bikini as bare as you dare to go. This researched and approved non-surgical non-invasive intervention has been shown to reduce both circumference and cellulite! Check out these positive research results:

  • A 97% patient satisfaction with visibly improved skin laxity & measurable tissue volume reduction!
  • Safe, comfortable, and effective; showing reduced circumference & tightened skin. Source.

Summer Skin: Radiant Inside and Out

Get better-than-ever summer skin with holistic treatments that create change from within.

Gorgeous Glow – Vitamin Cocktails via soothing and calming in-clinic IV treatments. IV Skin Brightening reflects on your complexion but carries full body benefits! It is capable of treating dull, tired, or marred skin but is also a solid Prejuvenation treatment. Furthermore, it can revive and complement other stress management and restorative therapies. Read more about powerful health-giving IV treatments here.

*Tip – IV Solo or Series Beauty Interventions are on Special this month at SAI. Visit our Specials Page .

Whole Body Beauty – NASA approved Proellixe Vibration is a full body treatment. It relies on finely-tuned and controlled vibration to create muscle contraction on a powerful scale. This treatment has been shown to improve circulation thereby supporting healthy skin. It also positively impacts bone density and muscle tone including core strength for a slimmer and stronger abdomen. This assistive technology can contribute to overall wellness.

Summer Specifics: Minor treatments that make a difference

It’s true, much of the time, we’d all willingly admit that it really is the little things! Many women are bothered by specific small issues (that don’t need to be lived with, because they can be successfully treated).

Clear and Comfortable – A classic complaint the world over is the marring appearance of Varicose &/ Spider veins. While they are often inherited or result from hormonal changes, others arrive out of the blue. If they are the source of pain or simply a minor irritant, consider treating them for removal. Laser Vein Removal is one excellent option. It does not take very long, it requires no downtime, does not cause scarring, and is not considered painful. In fact, the overall experience could be so pleasant as to make you wonder why you waited so long.

Seamlessly Smooth Confidence – While we salute those rare individuals who choose to wear their stretch marks as a badge of honour; we completely understand that many others would rather not showcase them. SAI offers a 3 step protocol, including non-ablative laser therapy, for significant results and satisfaction. To diminish cellulite, Mesotherapy is one treatment that can help establish a seamless texture of yummy skin. Tick that off your list and enjoy summer even more!

Options are Available

No need to limit yourself! There is a variety of effective treatments available at SAI. If a skin or body issue has become an unwanted niggle, give us a call. Speak to one of our expert SAI Aestheticians and discover an ideal solution. Tel: 011 883 3116 / 060 718 2178 or click here for our Contact Us page.

Summer’s Coming!

Meet summer with a flawless complexion and curves you feel confident in! Our Specials will help you get there!

  • Complementary Underarm Laser Hair Removal – Purchase any Laser Hair Removal package and receive treatment for your underarms absolutely free.
  • Get your Glow Back – Enjoy 10% on a radiance restoring IV skin brightening treatment.
  • Celebrate Vitality – Save 20% on rejuvenating and relaxing Vitamin Cocktail IV Packages.


Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels

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