Fractional Laser – Ablative vs. Non Ablative

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The two terms sound so similar but they are worlds apart – and they treat completely different indications. Now advancements in technology drive them further apart.

What is the difference?

Ablative Laser refers to a more aggressive treatment option where aggression can result in damage to the epidermis or skin. Non-Ablative Laser treatments are laser wavelengths directed deep into your tissue with little or no risk of skin damage.

Ablative Laser recovery time is generally longer, but because of the protein and collagen synthesis created at the skin surface it is a great treatment for:

  • Acne Scarring
  • Skin resurfacing

Non-ablative Laser bypasses the epidermis completely and delivers thermal treatments deep into your tissue to stimulate collagen synthesis and fibroblast production. There is little or no downtime and it is effective at treating:

  • Skin tightening
  • Stretch marks
  • Surgical scars

Palomar Groove Pattern Ablative Laser

Recent studies suggest that Fractional Ablative Laser treatments using the Palomar Groove Pattern heal faster than traditional Fractional Ablative methods. Traditional methods use columns, like tiny pin pricks to penetrate the skin stimulating the surrounding untouched tissue to rejuvenate the area and therefore reduce a wrinkle or heal a scar.

The Palomar Groove Pattern cuts small grooves into the surface of the skin, increasing the treated area with the same results but comparative studies have shown your recovery rate can be as much as halved.

Scar treatment options with Palomar 1540nm Non-Ablative Laser

Until this technique was studied Scars were only treaded with Fractional Ablative Lasers. This means downtime and the possibility of new scars. These latest advancements in Palomar 1540nm Non-Ablative Laser have changed all that.

Clinical studies have concluded that treatment with one year to 40 year old scars using the Palomar 1540nm Non-Ablative Laser show significantly reduced redness, pigment and texture.

This mean that Dr Clark and his team can now treat stretch marks and scars with little pain or downtime. For anyone who has considered Scar Treatment but has thought twice because of the downtime, this is an option for you. Scar Treatments no longer need to be painful and embarrassing procedures.

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