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| Nov 30, 2016

The morning after puffy eye treatment

Puffy eyes not only betray how you are feeling but if you don’t take them seriously they can lead to longer-term problems. The eye area is extremely sensitive & the skin around the eye is unfortunately predisposed to wrinkles. If left untreated, puffy eyes from the all-nighters, office party & stress can quickly develop into dark circles under the eyes or crows’ feet.

Yes these can be aesthetically treated using Botulinum toxin or dermal fillers and at SAI we resolve these issues for many clients, but prevention is always better than cure.

Our choice for puffy eyes

NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy offers the SAI clients everything they need to reduce the risk of developing permanent damage that requires aesthetic intervention. In fact, we recommend it to all our clients following any eye treatment. The product is available for purchase online or direct in office.

The reason we rate the NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy so highly? The apple stem cell extract will help rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eye from deep within, creating an environment whereby your delicate eye skin behaves more like it did in your youth. This means thicker skin, a less crepe-like appearance & better fluid drainage from the area.


Added to this, is the inclusion of peptides & collagen stimulation for ongoing lift & youthful results. For a full break down of the product ingredients click here.

If you are not concerned with your puffy eyes but have another homecare requirement, simply click here to shop online

Remember the SAI offices will be closing for Christmas, so please make sure if you need to any specific treatment please make an appointment by calling SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof on 012 460 7047.

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