Fat Reduction: A non-surgical explosion

| Mar 31, 2015

No more need for surgery

laserlegsGlobal trends indicate that more and more individuals are turning to assisted weight loss to regain ideal body shape. So much so that weight loss programs, be it surgical or non-surgical have crept into the top 5 most request treatments within the cosmetic and aesthetic industry.

Of the two options: surgical vs. non-surgical, the non-invasive and lifestyle options heavily outweigh the invasive, surgical approach in popularity. This makes non-surgical fat reduction one of the most important fields of expertise within the aesthetic global community at the moment.

More than aesthetics

Being overweight not only brings with it self-consciousness and aesthetic concerns, but also multiple health risks including:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Increased risk of stroke

It is these elements in combination that has driven the global movement of losing weight and getting in shape.
Unfortunately we are all cursed with stubborn fat deposits. Exercise and diet do play a massive role in taking better care of ourselves, but we all need a little help – especially when it comes to diet and exercise resistant fat.

The field of non-surgical fat reduction is still restively in its infancy with clinical data demonstrating how to successfully and predictably remove body fat available only within the last six years. The industry however, has advanced in that time to stellar heights with multiple treatment options available to suit and treat specific needs and treatment areas.

Eradicating Stubborn Fat

The three most common treatment protocols include:

  • Medically assisted weight loss
  • Fat Freezing
  • Body shaping

At SAI we offer all three protocols to best match your body, body type, aesthetic and health requirements.

Medically assisted weight loss – this is a proven treatment and eating plan to not only help you reduce body fat but incorporate general health and lifestyle too. The plan is custom designed by Dr Marks and takes into account your current body fat, body shape and desired outcomes.

The principle idea is to create a healthy living plan to shed weight and keep it off. Following successful completion of your custom-designed treatment course you can then move to the stubborn fat treatment options explained below.

Fat Freezing (Coolsculpt)

coolsculpt– the only FDA approved non-surgical fat freezing treatment on the market today. You can target localised areas of stubborn fat for a 30% reduction in as little as an hour-long treatment. No pain, no downtime, this is an all results fat reduction treatment that allows you to look your best without so much as thinking about taking leave.

We highly recommend this treatment to get you bikini shape for the April holidays.

Body Shaping (VelaShape 3)

velasmooth– Based upon elos technology, VelaShape combines infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy and vacuum to target cellulite, fat deposits and sagging skin. The combination deep heating of the combines energies and vacuum stimulates both collagen and elastin synthesis. This in turn helps tighten lax skin, eradicates fat deposits, improves skin texture and ultimately helps create and shape the body you’ve always wanted.

This is the perfect cellulite or final touch treatment to add to your body-shaping regime.

You no longer need to turn to the knife or undertake unachievable diet or lifestyle habits to remain in shape and lower your health risks. Simply make contact with the team at SAI to find out how they can help you, your areas of concern and give you the body and healthy outlook on life that you deserve.

Call SAI Sandton on 011 883 3116 or SAI Waterkloof today on 012 460 7047 for assistance in taking better care of your body, both inside and out. Book your Stubborn Fat Treatment consultation today.

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